Friday, June 1, 2012

Zioconned industrial complex wants a replacement of the $100 billion or more....

As I've said repeatedly and it is clearly incontrovertible, the ZIOCONNED US position on Iran has ZERO to do with any alleged "nuclear weapons program" - which just about everyone agrees does not exist and the DIA claims basically never did exist except on paper - but rather with regime change - or more precisely, regime disruption....LOL

In other words, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down and thus the military-industrial complex wants a replacement of the $100 billion or more a year they've been getting free from the US taxpayer - or China, take your pick - for the last decade. Only Iran offers another decade-long war. North Korea would be too "hot", China is nuclear, as is Pakistan. Only Iran is an "easy target" in the sense that it cannot threaten the US homeland while at the same time burning up billions in war expenses which will have to be replaced at inflated prices.

And of course, there's the oil and Gaz Bonanza... in MENA and beyond and the Choke points....

Recent articles in various places have correctly pointed out that ZIOCONNED Obama is "more Bush than Bush" in his militaristic foreign policy. ZIOCONNED Obama is owned and operated by the Crown and Priztker families in Chicago. He is not going to go against his sponsors in any way in defanging the ZIOCONNED military-industrial complex OR the Israel Lobby.

Therefore anyone who writes a piece seriously considering that the ZIOCONNED US might conceivably have an interest in resolving the issues Iran presents is delusional.

Iran does not have and has never had and probably - without a significant change of leadership - never will have a nuclear weapons program which would do them absolutely no good strategically and would do their soft power foreign policy projection considerable harm.

The Iran crisis is manufactured from whole cloth and is merely the pretext by which the US will start yet another bloody and interminable war for the profits of major corporations and the campaign contributions of ZIOCONNED corrupt Western politicians...., lock stock and Barrel.

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