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America's covert reconnaissance program using SR-71 and U-2 ...

Chinese cyber-threat hype is a ruse to engage China in a military showdown...Pentagon Cold Warriors try to resurrect the "good old days" by confronting China...Just as U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon was wrapping up his meetings with top Chinese officials in Beijing to set the stage for President Obama's June 7-8 summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Rancho Mirage, California, The Washington Post published from a leaked Confidential report prepared by the Defense Science Board claiming that Chinese cyber-spies have gained access to the technological secrets of America's most advanced weapon systems. The advisory board largely consists of retired flag rank military officers, the top corporate leadership of large contractors, and members of academia who collectively make up the "military-industrial complex," which President Dwight Eisenhower once warned the nation about...

It is clear that the "leak" of the report was authorized by the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder will not be issuing warrants for the telephone records of the Post reporters who revealed the contents of the Chinese cyber-espionage report. In fact, Obama has attempted to turn up the heat on China as part of his strategic "pivot to Asia," the reassignment of much of America's air and naval forces to the Pacific theater.

It is also clear that Obama's love affair with drone technology will soon be turned toward China. Some of the old-timers on the Defense Science Board recall a time when the Pentagon and the CIA cooperated in sending unmanned drones on reconnaissance missions over China, North Vietnam, and North Korea and some of these nostalgic Cold War policy makers would like to see China and North Korea, once again, subjected to stealthy U.S. reconnaissance missions using state-of-the-art drone technology.

One of the secrets the CIA continues to maintain is the extent of

America's covert reconnaissance program using SR-71 and  U-2 manned reconnaissance aircraft, as well as unmanned drones, over China and other "denied territory" during the Cold War. Although spy satellites took over much of the surveillance coverage of China, some Pentagon brass would like to see the United States make more use of its sophisticated robotic and miniaturized drone capabilities against Chinese military and scientific research and development centers, where the prying lenses and sensitive electronic ears of spy satellites are difficult to reach.

As late as the mid-1970s, even after President Richard Nixon's landmark visit to China in 1972, the CIA and the Air Force and Navy were flying secret reconnaissance missions over China. From 1963, the CIA used Taiwanese pilots, trained to fly the U-2, to fly highly-classified CHURCH DOOR reconnaissance mis
sions over China. The Taiwanese pilots took off from Taoyuan, Taiwan and conducted surveillance of missile sites, radar bases, arsenals, airfields, aircraft and rocket manufacturing facilities, ports, submarine bases, oil refineries, and industrial plants.

Some of the Cold War low-altitude drone photo-reconnaissance missions targeting China, North Korea, and North Vietnam were the responsibility of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and the Ryan/Teledyne "Firebee" drone operations were known by the cover names BLUE SPRINGS, BUMPY ACTION, LIGHTNING BUG, BUMBLE BUG, BUFFALO HUNTER, and BUFFALO ACTION. U-2 drone operations were code named LUCKY DRAGON, TROJAN HORSE, and GIANT DRAGON. B-52 aircraft launched supersonic drones in the 1960s that were known by the classified code word TAGBOARD and the unclassified cover name TIGER. The Firebee drones were classified under the Air Force's BIG SAFARI intelligence modification of aircraft project and were launched by a special C-130 Hercules aircraft. Drones flew with imagery intelligence, signals intelligence (SIGINT), and electronics intelligence (ELINT) collection packages. The imagery intelligence was protected under the BYEMAN Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) category, retired from use in 2005.

Some members on the Defense Science Board want to return to the CIA's and Pentagon's days of yore by using modern versions of drones like the Firebee (above), which targeted China and other Asian countries during the Cold War.

As part of the CIA's OXCART surveillance program, high altitude A-12s, later called SR-71s, flew reconnaissance missions over China, North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia that were known as GIANT SCALE missions. The missions were first flown out of Beale Air Force Base in California and later moved to Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa under the CIA's CAROUSEL project.

Other SR-71 missions targeted North Korea. Other CIA reconnaissance mission cover names for Asian and/or Soviet Far East operations were COMMAND CLINCH, COMMANDO CLASP, FOOD FAIR, OLD HEAD, EDGE TRACE, BLACK SHIELD, EBONY, ISINGLASS, OLYMPIC TORCH, SENIOR BOOK, and GLASS LAMP. Some other reconnaissance missions were staged from Udorn, Thailand and reconnaissance drones took off from the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and ships off the Chinese coast to photograph targets in China and return the film canisters to anxious CIA and U.S. military ground personnel.

The U.S. is establishing drone bases all around China in anticipation of the use of aerial, undersea, and possible even small land drones to spy on China. The undersea drones are seen as useful against China's underwater submarine pens on Hainan island. U.S. drone bases are known to exist or will soon exist in the Philippines; Japan; Okinawa, Guam, South Korea; Thailand; Kyrgyzstan; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Taiwan; and Palau.

Secret U.S. drone bases in Zamboanga, Philippines (above) and proposed base at Palau International Airport (below). Drones to be based in Palau are said to be used for marine fishery protection, a CIA cover story.

Barack Obama, a product of the CIA's deep recruitment efforts during the Cold War, has called China a "rival," not a "friend" or "partner." If the Pentagon Cold Warriors get their way, America's drones will, again, be flying over China...

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Andros Island. AN/WQC-2A Sonar Communications....

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Oligopolies Galore, Greed, corruption and Murder Inc,...

Oligopolies Galore, Greed, corruption and Murder....

Of course markets, tenders, etc etc are generally rigged -- as any 19th century investor knew. It doesn't mean you can't deal with them, but it's very hard and requires paranoia as an investing style...and access to very restricted inside information....!

Markets operate not for altruistic reasons, but to get more from whom one trades with. 
"Rigged" is open to interpretation. If you make excessive gains from exchanges, then no. If you lose from exchanges then yes. Rigged is a matter of perspective..., for those doing the rigging...
The purpose of markets is to waste time dickering and haggling, rather than something more worthwhile...
Since "civilization" arrived, markets take the place of warfare. The principles are the same, only those who make killings, do so legally even if the killing harms others. In other words, civilization is the pansies and wimps safe haven, as they use "the law" to do what was done for free long ago,... I.e. hit one on the head and take their stuff and possibly their woman....  lOL....
I would venture that market rigging is even more widespread than we've ever imagined. The laughable part of "free trade" farces like NAFTA, and now the proposed new deal to the EU through Barrosso and the utterly corrupt and criminal ZOG/USA, is that corporations only want to increase competition on the input side of their business (labor/materials/energy), such that poverty has become a nation's greatest asset. Meanwhile, the same corporations have used their immense power to greatly restrict competition in their product markets.
Remember, in the good old days of representative governance, when the DoJ broke up AT&T into the "Baby Bells" due to anti-trust concerns. Verizon has a virtual monopoly on cell phone access in most of the US and exploits it shamelessly, yet we all know that VZ will only grow larger. Think of how many industries are actually oligopolies now, as a result of unchecked consolidation. Pharmaceuticals, oil, automotive manufacturing, chemicals, software, media, agriculture, shipping, insurance, paper, investment banking, and plastics are just a few of the industries that are controlled by a relatively few players. In the current cesspool of corporately sponsored corruption, that masquerades as a democracy, we'd have to be fairly naive to expect that price fixing doesn't occur as a matter of course. Traditionally, government regulation and enforcement made collusion and price fixing unprofitable, but those days are gone forever...

The problem is not the human nature to rig markets,
but rather, the runaway triumphs of those doing that!
The basic points should be based on deeper understandings of these problems, which tend to be non-starters within the current political situation, where the biggest bullies' bullshit stories so totally dominate our society...with utter disinformation daily, on a spectacular scale...
ALL MONEY IS BACKED BY MURDER... All human "realities" are always organized lies, operating organized robberies. There is nothing new, EXCEPT for technologies becoming trillions of times more powerful and capable, including the scientific public relations, or professional liars' brainwashing, of the the general public. Therefore, what is NOT new is that the markets are rigged. What is NEW is the degree to which that has become a runaway fascist plutocracy, in which a small oligarchy is getting away with transforming into being a new kind of royalty, which is more and more enjoying de facto impunity to operate above the rule of law, and therefore, are effectively destroying the rule of law. (Which becomes runaway insanities, that will eventually also drive themselves into madly self-destructive, vicious spirals.... Soonest.
The ONLY genuine solutions require better dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies. The current human ecology and political economy systems have become runaway social insanities, wherein the vast majority of people have become political idiots, which are too incompetent to use their own political power to resist being successfully defrauded and robbed, more and more, faster and faster..., dazzling case in point: The 14hmars of Lebanon and their cronies and handlers in country, regionally and across the Ponds....LOL
THEORETICALLY, we need a radical series of paradigm shifts throughout political science, in order to understand and respond to the ways that rigging markets has become so blatantly successful, and able to continue to operate above the rule of law, with relative impunity...For now...However, the current situation is due to too much successful conditioning of the vast majority of people to be chronically afraid, ignorant, and apathetic, while the social systems around them are transforming faster and faster, in ways which are destroying several Centuries of previous achievements by their ancestors regarding the common law, and the basic operation of the rule of law.
I WISH there was some good grounds to be more optimistic about this. However, this kind of story only tends to point out the direction we are clearly headed in, on a runaway trajectory. However, there are no good reasons to believe that the ways that the vast majority of people behave like Zombie Sheeple inside of this context is going to change significantly. I WISH I was wrong about that, however, so far, I have no good reasons to believe I am wrong. Instead, while I agree with some positive souls out there..., I currently can not believe in anything but that it is going to get way, way, way worse!
The whole world's economic system is already dominated by a global, privatized, electronic fiat "money" fraud, where our currency is created out of nothing, as debts, which almost completely corrupted governments to force all of their citizens to accept that fraud. We ALREADY operate within a monetary and taxation system which is a STATE RELIGION, built on faith-based "money," which was the result of the triumph of the application of the methods of organized crime being able to take control over the governments, and the mass media, and virtually all other social institutions whose control could be effectively the infamous White House Murder Inc, and their poodles...
The kinds of the rigging of markets which are being manifest and proven today are simply the RUNAWAY RESULTS of triumphant organized crime taking over almost complete control of the already almost totally privatized powers of governments. In that context, the overwhelming vast majority of people have become too clueless to comprehend how clueless they truly are ... That makes breaking through to sufficient understanding of these problems, enough to achieve adequate resolutions, appear practically impossible!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Why Japan (And Easy Money) Could Blow Up America’s Stock Rally...

Japanese money printing has helped weaken the yen and boost Japanese stocks.

In an interview with Talking Numbers however Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital said he thinks Japanese easy money and Abenomics in general is "dangerous" for the domestic economy and global markets.
"What is going on in Japan is potentially very, very dangerous not just for Japan but for world markets. And, I’m not speaking about the Nikkei. What has taken place in the Japanese JGB [Japanese government bond] is extraordinary. In the last three days, the yield has gone from 60 basis points to 86. Can you imagine what would happen in America if yields on 10-year Treasuries went from 6% to 8.6%?
"There are huge derivative books in Japan where there’s been tremendous amount of derivatives written assuming that rates would stay low forever. I think this could be on the verge of blowing up. This may be the start of it, this may get quiet, or it may get ugly right now. That will impact the American bond market and it will affect equities everywhere. So, it’s potentially dangerous."

GOLD MANIPULATION BACKFIRING? JPM Sent Letter to WEALTHIEST Clients To Assure Safety of GOLD….Same Clients Are Now DEMANDING Their PHYSICAL Gold…

I get a call from a close friend in NYC last Friday.
His career has been in private wealth management in the private bank department of the Too Big To Fail banks.
He's been looking for work and chats with old colleagues all the time.
He called my Friday and told me he just got off the phone with a very high level private banker from a big Euro-based TBTF bullion bank, but who was at JP Morgan until about six months ago.
This guy told my friend that there is a scramble by many very wealthy European families/entities to get their 400 oz bars out of the big bank vaults.
He knows this personally, for a fact.
He said the private banker community is small over there and the big wealthy families all talk to each other and act on the same rumors/sentiment.
The Bundesbank/Fed and the ABN/Amro situations triggered this move.
He knows for a fact JPM tried to calm fears about 3 months ago by sending a letter to it's very wealthy clients assuring them their bars were safe, in allocated accounts.
He said right now those same families are walking into the big banks like JPM and demanding delivery of their bars or threatening to take their $100s of millions in investment portfolios to competitors.
His wording was "these people are putting a gun to the heads of private banks and demanding their gold."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

China to break free of the U.S. dollar....

word is already starting to leak out in Chinese newspapers that government officials intend to make the renminbi "fully convertible" by 2015.

What does that mean?

In a nutshell…

  • China's currency could be freely traded or exchanged for other currencies worldwide…
  • It would be common, easy to use and as widely accepted as the U.S. dollar, the euro, the yen and the British pound…
  • And it would become a prime candidate for use by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), right beside the U.S. dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound
That's right — I believe China's leaders are trying to make their currency just as liquid and internationally accepted as the dollar and the euro.

And it appears their efforts are succeeding…

As the Financial Times recently stated, "The exponential growth of the renminbi as a trading currency – and of the offshore renminbi market – continues to stun observers."

This past summer Japan and Brazil began direct trading of their currencies for renminbi – without using the U.S. dollar as an intermediate currency.

The Bank of England has reached an agreement with the People's Bank of China to conduct direct currency swaps.

Just weeks ago, Australia and China began preparations to directly trade their two currencies with each other without using the U.S. dollar as a bridge.

And Tesco – the 'Walmart' of Europe – is going to pay its Chinese suppliers directly in renminbi instead of pounds, euros, or U.S. dollars.

However, to keep the ball rolling, China needs more gold – MUCH MORE GOLD!

This Chinese Secret Beats Them All

A top director of the PBoC said it himself: "No asset is safe now. The only choice to hedge risks is to hold hard currency – gold."

And more and more Chinese economists… officials… and government advisors are voicing their agreement with him.

An official from the Depart of International Economic affairs even went so far as to publicly state China needs to add to its gold reserves to ensure national economic safety… promote remnimib globalization… and to hedge against foreign-reserve risks.

In other words, to break free of the U.S. dollar.