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The Barbaric assassin Dick Cheney, using the infamous White House Murder INC, ordered so many extra-judiCIAL murders since 2001....

The Barbaric assassin Dick Cheney, Elliott Abrams, Karl Rove, George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld.... using the most cowardly and infamous White House Murder INC, ordered so many extra-judiCIAL murders since 2001....together with the Butcher Ariel Sharon and his smug assassins of MOSSAD and their lackeys/liaison in Beirut and Damascus....


The Barbaric assassin Dick Cheney, using the infamous White House Murder INC, ordered the murder of Saddam's chief banker so he could steal Saddam's money and cover-up the past role of Saddam in providing covert support to the CIA....

June , 2012 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Documents point to U.S. torture and murder of Saddam's chief banker....

WMR has obtained snippets of documents that show the ZIOCONNED U.S. troops in Iraq tortured and murdered Saddam Hussein's chief financial adviser, Sa'ad Hassan Ali, in 2004. The ZIOCONNED U.S. military then engaged in a massive cover-up and ruled that a whistleblower, California Military Intelligence Staff Sergeant Greg Ford, who brought attention to Ali's torture and death, as well as other acts of torture committed against Iraqi detainees, was mentally unbalanced and unfit for duty.

On November 14, 2005, WMR reported in an article, "How the ZIOCONNED U.S. stole $30 million from Saddam's chief money mover and then beat him to death," that in one of the worst intelligence fiascoes carried out by the neo-con administration of Iraq under Paul "Jerry' Bremer, Saddam Hussein's chief money mover and financial adviser was beaten to death by US interrogators in Tikrit after the U.S. invasion. Sa'ad Hassan Ali also known as "Abu Seger," had close connections to Saddam. Abu Seger's daughter, an engineer, designed and built Saddam's 50 palaces throughout Iraq.

As Saddam's chief financial adviser and money mover, Abu Seger, a man who was fluent in American-style English, knew where all the "financial skeletons" were buried -- details of Halliburton's involvement with the UN's Oil-for-Food program, the purchase by Iraq of VX nerve gas and other WMD components from US and British sources in the 1980s, and various counter-intelligence operations run by Saddam against the United States and Britain. Abu Seger was also one of Saddam's trusted counter-intelligence agents. It was Seger who Saddam had investigate the Iraqi Communist Party. Seger's western intelligence contacts must have given a green light to his determination that the Iraqi Communists were tied closely to Moscow -- intelligence that cued Saddam to wipe out the Iraqi Communists in 1985 -- during the height of American and Saudi support for the anti-communist Afghan mujahidin, Nicaraguan contras, and UNITA guerrillas in Angola.

After Samara was occupied by US forces, it was discovered that Abu Seger lived in a home on the Tigris River, just 200 yards from the main U.S. military position in the city. It did not take long for U.S. troops to break down Seger's door and haul him off to a detention center. Seger's wife Sada, an English teacher, and U.S. military intelligence officers were witnesses to what soon transpired.

ZIOCONNED U.S. forces discovered $30 million in plastic garbage bags in an armoire in Seger's bedroom. Contained in the bags was $14 million in US currency, $28 million in convertible Iraqi dinars,and $12 million in Euros. Although the money was counted, signed for by two U.S. military witnesses,and transported to U.S. military headquarters in Samara, it was never seen again. A knowledgeable source present at the time revealed that the $30 million was stolen by U.S. authorities in Iraq.

Although Sada did not put up much of a fuss about the taking of the money, she did object when U.S. forces tried to confiscate photos of her family members with Saddam.

Abu Seger, who suffered from high blood pressure, was taken to US military headquarters in Samara without his medication and a dangerous blood pressure reading of 210 over 180. One of the U.S. interrogators who had a pathological hatred for Arabs and Muslims was permitted to interrogate Seger. He beat Seger repeatedly. Although many U.S. intelligence agents viewed Seger as a valuable recruitment target, it was clear that he was a marked man for other U.S. military and contractor personnel with another agenda and another chain-of-command.

One document obtained by WMR details the abuse Seger received at the hands of ZIOCONNED American troops. The email states that Abu Seger, whose name is redacted, was brought to the Al Asad detainment facility in September 2003 and then transferred to a military medical facility in Balad. A CT scan revealed that Abu Seger suffered from "intra-cranal" bleeding. However, the report stated that the bleeding was "1 to 2 weeks old," which we were told by former California National Guard military intelligence Staff Sergeant Greg Ford was not true since, as the email states, Abu Seger was in U.S. custody for "less than 24 hours" and Ford contends that Abu Seger's head injuries resulted from his torture by U.S. military personnel. The email states that if Abu Seger's injuries were the result of his treatment at the hands of U.S. military personnel, there would be a criminal case but that if they were older injuries sustained before his detention, there would be no case.

Seger knew too much about Iraq's past dealings with the ZIOCONNED Reagan, ZIOCONNED Bush 1, and ZIOCONNED Bush 2 administrations...., let alone the MOST ZIOCONNED 2 Clinton so-called Administrations.....that brought about the ZIOCONS to power in 2000.... Seger was quickly ordered transferred from Samara to Saddam's black marble palace in Tikrit. In Tikrit, against the direct orders from a U.S. military intelligence team, Seger was placed in the same room with one of the most feared men in Iraq -- Saddam's lead international assassin. That bit of psychological warfare was obviously meant to increase Seger's blood pressure to the point his death could be attributed to "natural causes." It took several contentious meetings to get the assassin removed from the detention room. Soon, Sada was permitted to deliver blood pressure medicine to her husband. The trip from Samara to Tikrit would be for naught. Suffering from the repeated beatings by U.S. torturers, Seger died in captivity the day after Sada delivered her husband's blood pressure medicine to the black marble palace in Tikrit.

However, Seger left one important legacy that will haunt the United States for years to come. Seger's daughter, the engineer who built Saddam's palaces, managed to gain control of the $9 billion that Saddam's son-in-law, Hussein Kamal, managed to spirit out of Iraq when he defected to Jordan. On June 8, 2009, WMR reported that Dick Cheney, while Vice President, amassed a fortune in cash stolen by U.S. occupation forces in Iraq from Saddam Hussein and some of his leading officials and advisers.

Cheney's possible involvement in the murder of Abu Seger may be added to the former vice president's rap sheet of crimes perpetrated in Iraq and in the United States.

After leaving the vice presidency, Cheney built a multi-million dollar home in McLean, Virginia, a stone's throw from the CIA headquarters. He also owns luxury houses in Jackson, Wyoming and St. Michael's, Maryland.

Corporate U.S. news media drastically downplayed the amount of cash stolen from Iraq by U.S. forces and that the maximum amount of cash discovered in "cottages" was around $760 million, when, in fact, it was much higher. A handful of U.S. troops were charged with stealing some bundles of $100 bills. According to the May 28, 2004, Los Angeles Times, some of the troops who admitted to stealing Iraqi cash tried to tell Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID) investigators that "higher-ups" stole much more, but their information was ignored.

As for Staff Sergeant Ford, he was relieved of his duties in Iraq, deemed mentally unstable, and was airlifted from Iraq to the U.S. Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany for psychiatric evaluation. However, another email obtained by WMR clearly shows that the Army psychiatrist in Iraq assigned to evaluate Ford came to a much different conclusion. The psychiatrist, a U.S. Army Captain, said she "was uncomfortable with the way the chain of command was pressuring for a decision" on Ford. Ford maintains he was a witness to the abuse meted out to Abu Seger by his interrogators. The investigator who interviewed the Army psychiatrist believed, according to the email, that there was a "good case" in support of Ford and the allegations of torture of Iraqi detainees.

Later attempts by Army investigators to locate the Army psychiatrist who ruled in Ford's favor came up empty, according to an email dated February 1, 2004. Unbelievably, no records of the Army psychiatrist could be located at the 113th Combat Stress Control Detachment in Riverside, California.

Army files also include a hand-written memo that indicates Ford was the first soldier in Iraq to bring forth allegations of the U.S. torture of Iraqi detainees, even before the more publicized cases of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. The memo bears the name of the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion, the unit to which Ford was assigned, and indicates that Ford was the "first soldier" to make "allegations of war crimes" in Iraq. There is also a reference to Amnesty International.

Another email from the 43rd Military Police Detachment of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division at Tikrit, dated February 24, 2004, refers to "Unlawful Command Influence" in the investigation of Ford's allegations of torture and murder of Iraqi detainees. An Army Criminal Investigation Division report dated September 8, 2003, states that there was "insufficient evidence" to confirm that Ford's allegations that U.S. counter-intelligence agents routinely struck, pulled the hair, forced into asphyxiation, and pointed weapons at detainees heads and threatened to shoot them. The Army CID investigators also stated they could find no other witnesses to the incidents. In fact, Florida Republican Congressman Allen West, in an August 20, 2003 incident while he served as an Army Lieutenant Colonel in Taji, north of Baghdad, threatened to shoot a detainee in the head if he did not talk. West was fined $5000 and allowed to retire.

Ford is currently suing the California National Guard over his treatment in Iraq for bringing to light the first allegations of the torture of Iraqi detainees by U.S. troops.

The murder of Abu Seger and the possible transfer of his and Saddam Hussein's money to the personal coffers of Cheney add a new twist to the torture case. The cover-up in the Ford matter and the death of Abu Seger points to Cheney's possible role the homicide of Saddam's chief banker and the theft by Cheney of millions of dollars in Abu Seger's and Saddam's personal funds....

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