Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIA Counterintelligence video on Jonathan J. Pollard comes 35 years late from the ZIOs crowds in DC....


DIA Counterintelligence video on Jonathan J. Pollard comes 35 years late from the ZIOs crowds in DC....

"Today the Center for Policy and Law Enforcement releases a Defense Intelligence Agency video obtained under a multi-year Freedom of Information Act process. Jonathan J. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after he was caught selling large amounts of highly classified documents to IsraHell. The 14 minute video "Jonathan Pollard: A Portrayal" produced by the Threat Countermeasures Branch of the DIA emphasizes that "eighty percent" of the documents obtained by Pollard were DIA files. The video encourages the Zioconned American government employees to overcome inhibitions and proactively report suspicious activities.



*******Press release********

DIA's internal Jonathan Pollard briefing video can help organizations detect Israeli espionage....LOL LOL -- IRmep

Washington -- The Zioconned U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has just released an internal briefing video that is now available online on both Vimeo and Youtube. The IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement obtained release under the Freedom of Information


As it happened, I was on the JCS damage assessment board convened after Pollard's arrest. This guy had "flags" hung out all over him. He should never have been hired or cleared for employment in naval intelligence. He had a clear record of telling people things like "Israel is my real home." The material he stole at the direction of the Israelis was mostly concerned with Soviet affairs and the NSA codes..... The Israelis wanted it for barter with the Soviet government.... pl

LOL LOL LOL , Zioconned Washington DC and the Zioconned Pentagon are still full of Israeli spies today. The Zioconned CIA, NSA and other agencies have been using numerous Israeli outfits in and out of USA to illegally spy on Americans, and for other wholly criminal and utterly corrupt deeds Globally.....this Video fools no one but themselves! CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/AMAN and the UKUSA alliance of Evils have become Siamese Twins since 1995.....

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