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Guerrilla Files Exposed: ‘CIA Funding for the Dalai Lama’; CIA operations in Tibet code-named ST CIRCUS....

Guerrilla Files Exposed: ‘CIA Funding for the Dalai Lama’; CIA operations in Tibet code-named ST CIRCUS....

How much did the Dalai Lama know about CIA funding of the Tibetan resistance to Chinese occupation of Tibet? The question is not new, but according to this account from Italy’s La Repubblica, German investigative reporters have uncovered a ‘secret dossier’ which confirms that the Dalai Lama was intimately involved with these plans – and that the level of funding for the Tibetan resistance amounted to $180,000 per year – in 1950s dollars.

For La Repubblica, correspondent Andrea Tarquini starts out this way:

BERLIN: From the very beginning, the Dalai Lama knew that the CIA, the American Secret Service, backed the armed resistance of the Tibetan people against Chinese occupation. Although he is a world-renowned symbol of non-violence, he apparently approved of this support. It all began after the brutal Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950 with secret meetings between the U.S. and the legitimate Tibetan government – that is, the Dalai Lama himself – from 1951 to 1956. The story, narrated by investigative reporters from Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung, must certainly have provoked leaps of joy at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin.

The first contacts date back to the year after Chinese aggression began. Meetings between the Dalai Lama and American agents took place at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi and the U.S. Consulate in Calcutta. According to the Sueddeutsche, the Pentagon promised to the Dalai Lama himself supplies of light weaponry and financial support for the resistance movement. In the summer of 1956, the CIA operation in Tibet becomes became a top secret file, labeled “ST Circus”

According to secret documents and testimonies of CIA veterans like John Kenneth Knaus, it was decided that agents would do “everything possible to keep the concept of an autonomous Tibet alive” and “enhance resistance in Tibet against developments driven by communist China.”

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Israeli special forces commandos, members of the elite Sayeret Matkal, have been identified as being affiliated with Chabad Houses in Dharamsala, India, where they have developed close relations with the Dalai Lama of Tibet and units of the Special Frontier Forces of the Indian army, composed mainly of Tibetan Buddhist mercenaries from Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan, Gorkhaland, and Ladakh (the Buddhist region of Kashmir).

Wayne's article above - we posted pics of the big 5-story Chabad house in Dharamsala. It is very obvious that this is a Mossad operation. There are absolutely no orthodox Jews up there near the India/China-Tibet border, yet this huge Chabad with a rabbi whose bio boasts that he is IDF 'mountain survival specialist' who caters to goyim (???). We picked up a tail of young Israelis right away when we asked for the Chabad house who followed and watched us.

Would Israel really finance that big thing up there to teach goyim how to climb mountains? That is the official story why that Chabad is up there. Dharamsala is a small town on the border of India and China/Tibet. It is home of the 'exile government' of the Dalai Lama. And tens of thousands of young Israelis without rhyme or reason living up there year-round - next to the Dalai Lama and half a million Indian Army soldiers in military compounds all around that little town. Their idea of vacation, so says the official record.

There are a lot of reasons they are up there - apparently training SFF (the Tibetan Army in exile which is tucked under the wing of the Indian Army). Apparently also in the midst of the opium trade which is huge up there. The Dalai Lama's exiled Tibetans are known by Indian locals to run a ruthless drug mafia and they are on best of terms with the Israelis up there. And also, where there are countries being re-engineered and overthrown, Israelis are never far and that is close to a number of countries currently being targeted - all the Himalayan nations are in the cross hairs of Zionists for balkanization right now. We encountered Soros groups literally everywhere up there, infiltrating everything. ....

Take a look at this: SFF. That is the SFF Wayne mentions. They are the Tibetan Army, tucked under the wing of the Indian Army. They are mountain survival specialists - train in those mountains around Dharamsala, also in Colorado and Germany - all mountain survival skills and guerilla warfare at high altitudes.

Now look at this, for example:
Rabbi Dror Shaul. That is the rabbi at the Chabad we took pics of and posted here - he runs one of 2 Chabads in Dharamsala near the border of India and China-Tibet where the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan exiled gang live. Read the brief bio - our 'rabbi' is 32 years young, an IDF expert in mountain survival, also paratrooper, medic, etc. Also - the orthodox community does NOT recognize him as rabbi - all meaning that they put a Mossad guy in a rabbi penguin suit and stuck some sidelocks on him. This guy runs a very large Chabad up there - and not a single orthodox Jew in sight in that town (that is the official story of whom they keep Chabads for - traveling orthodox Jews for that 'home away from home' feeling). Israel funds the Chabad houses. We are to believe that Israel is funding a big Chabad operation with a non-rabbi from IDF to teach goyim how to climb mountains in an area where traditional orthodox Jews do not exist.

Mossad is allegedly training SFF up there. Yes, they are known to train specialists in everything, including mountain survival and tough terrain guerilla warfare. Connect the dots. SFF has been infiltrating China for decades - they spy on them and sabotage them and it takes mountaineering specialists to get over those Himalaya ranges from Dharamsala into Tibet which is not far away but the terrain is extreme mountain turf and if you cannot be seen on the only road going into Tibet, you need some mountain-climbing skills. What a coincidence that our rabbi is a teacher of that skill...even Jerusalem Post admits that. So he has a lot of specialized IDF skills and is a bit light on the rabbinical knowledge but he makes up for it by teaching the kabbalah and exploring free-style spirituality (all that is online if you read about this operation).

There is a thick drug culture around that Chabad. We hiked up that kosher hill in the Himalayas (Dharamkot division of Dharamsala), asking where the Chabad house is. Immediately, several young Israelis followed us and stayed stuck on our tails the entire afternoon. We went to a cafe immediately next to the chabad house. Bongs and opium pipes everywhere in the coffee shop which was dominated by young Israelis and obviously linked to the chabad house next door. The Israelis were a bunch of stoners. But they were clearly on a mission to follow us and watch us. They probably pay them in opium for their watchdog services. A big ring of these young Israelis (both male and female but more males) sits around the chabad, watching over the chabad. They got some big secrets up there.

Here is Arun's article - Arun was with us at the above Chabad house. He thought I was a little odd to go watch Israelis up there but when I insisted to go there and explained my research on the IDF rabbi up there and that I wanted to go poke the Mossad nest and see what hisses out, he himself began obsessing over it and we went up there together - here is what he wrote about it - drop down to the headings of "The military perspective" and the heading under it "The Dalai Lama’s game and the Chinese response" right under it. He describes the to the Chabad in Dharamsala we went to which Wayne also talks about -

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