Monday, September 5, 2011

American economic survival dependent upon its ability to lay waste to the world?

American economic survival dependent upon its ability to lay waste to the world?

”At the root of it all lies the control of oil, which…which [is] crucial for the continued prosperity of the western world.”

[Who can explain this US propensity for ruining great sections of the world? Why have vast blocks of Nations, stretching from N. Africa to Russia been marked under US policies of "regime change" or invasion? Repeating the pattern of Iraq throughout the region, the US/NATO are reducing targeted Nations to ruin, erasing the past decades of growth and turning them into rubble. Is the Empire's survival dependent upon upon our capacity to destroy and dehumanize others? These retrogressive policies are intended to take disobedient sectors of the Muslim world back into the stone age, where running water and electric service become vague memories and children die on a grand scale, due primarily to a lack of basic health care....

This is the policy we reveal to the world as our only foreign policy, revealing America's dirty hands in maliciously punishing vast independent sectors of the Muslim world, identical to Israeli policies in Gaza. As Mr. Bhadrakumar points out: "it is a matter of time before the narrative withers away and chilling realities take hold." The world will one day acknowledge the grim realities of the NATO assault upon the weak, though strategically important, Nations of the world. When that day comes, America will be recognized for the great evil power that it has become, in its struggle to maintain abnormal levels of prosperity, over the rights and needs of the rest of the world.
In a world dominated by Western news sources, the shared delusion is that the "Cold War is over," even though we see these convoluted geostrategic gambits being played-out, primarily to isolate Russian and Chinese interests. When the veil of the shared artificial reality, that has been woven by Western psyop specialists, is torn asunder and cast aside, then all the world will understand that the turmoil that has been unleashed had nothing to do with any Nation's national security and everything to do with maintaining Western corporate profits.]

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