Monday, March 26, 2012

Sukhoi Promotes the Su-35 Fighter to the Latin American Market...

Sukhoi Promotes the Su-35 Fighter to the Latin American Market...

Moscow | The Sukhoi Company will show off its multi-purpose Su-35 fighter of the 4++ generation at the upcoming on March 27 17th International Aerospace Exhibition FIDAE 2012 in Santiago, Chile.

A model airplane will be presented on the stand of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), which includes the Sukhoi holding company. Visitors to the exhibition and experts will be able to look at its performance characteristics, and the military — to discuss with Sukhoi’s representatives possible aircraft deliveries to the armed forces in the region.

Sukhoi is currently negotiating with foreign customers seeking to re-equip their Air Force. It plans to export Su-35 aircraft to countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. If new contracts are signed, Russia will be able to maintain its high competitiveness on the fighter jets world market until the 5th generation fighter aircraft enters the market in 2016-2025.

The serial production of the Su-35S is going on at the Sukhoi’s Y.A.Gagarin Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KNAAPO) in accordance with the state contract signed in 2009 to deliver 48 aircraft to the Russian Ministry of Defence by the year 2015.

At present, the Joint State Tests (JST) of the airplane are going on. In March this year the fourth production Su-35S was delivered to the JST. The Su-35-1 and 2 carried out preliminary flight tests, during which the main established flight and technical characteristics of the on-board equipment and super maneuverability features were fully confirmed, stability and controllability characteristics, the characteristics of the power plant and the work of the navigation system were tested.

The plane reached the maximum ground-level speed of 1,400 km/h, speed at altitude — 2400 km/h, the ceiling — 18 thousand meters. The detection range of targets in the “air-to-air” mode is over 400 km. This is significantly higher than that of the combat aircraft currently in service. The onboard OLS (optical locator station) can detect and track multiple targets at ranges exceeding 80 km. More than 400 flights were made as part of flight testing on the fighters. The aircraft complex is ready to undergo tests for combat use.

The analysis of the amount of work already done allows a conclusion that Su-35/Su-35S has a much better flight characteristics compared to analogue aircraft in service. The airborne equipment of the plane allows solving a wider range of tasks set by tactical and technical requirements.

The potential characteristics incorporated in the aircraft will allow it to exceed all tactical fighters of the 4th and 4 + generations, such as “Rafale” and EF 2000, modernized fighters like the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35 and to counter the F-22A fighter.

The UAC products are presented at the air show in Chile by military and civilian aircraft, manufactured by enterprises of the corporation. In addition to the Su-35 the UAC stand will also host the Yak-130, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MC-21 aircraft models.

Company or Organisation Portrait:

Sukhoi Company (JSC) is Russia’s major aircraft holding company, employing more than 27,000 people. Among the holding’s members are leading Russian design bureaus and aircraft production plants. The Company supports a complete cycle of work in aircraft engineering: from frontend engineering to comprehensive aftersales support. The holding's products, such as Su- marque combat aircraft, are state-of-the-art weapons systems in the global market, which form the backbone of the frontline aviation of Russia and tactical air forces of many other countries. The Company is Russia's major manufacturer of export aircraft, placed 3rd in the world in terms of the numbers of modern fighters produced. The Company is currently implementing promising programmes in the field of military and civil aircraft engineering.

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