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Manipulation claims over Indian Rafale jet deal....

Manipulation claims [ By Nicolas & Carla CIA Sarkozy...] over Indian Rafale jet deal....
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A leading Indian MP has accused government officials of "manipulation" in awarding a $20bn (£12.6bn) contract to buy France's Rafale jets instead of the Eurofighter Typhoon.
Indian MP Mysura Reddy claimed in a letter to the defense minister the bids were manipulated to help the Rafale proposal....

The selection of Dassault's Rafale over the Typhoon, in which BAe Systems has a large stake, caused anger in the government and among British MPs.

The Typhoon bid had been backed by intensive lobbying by the UK. Winning the contract was expected to bring $5bn and 2,000 new jobs to the UK.

British hopes were raised when the Typhoon performed best in trials but in January the Indian government announced the Rafale was its preferred bid.

Indian MP Mysura Reddy claimed in a letter to the defense minister the bids were manipulated to help the Rafale proposal win. He was also concerned by reports Rafales were outperformed by Typhoons in operations over Libya.

Defense Minister A.K. Anthony has ordered a review of the evaluation process following Mr. Reddy's claims.

No Indian defense contract is ever straightforward or proceeds on time. The terms and requirements are constantly changed. Announcing a preferred bidder or even a winner is often simply the prelude to starting again with competitions canceled and reopened; whether it is a potential major international procurement for 4th plus generation fighters, or for several billion dollars worth of 155mm howitzers. Even the internal Tejas Light Combat Aircraft program has seen costs spiral and schedules slip. it will take numerous twists and turns along a very long timeline and nothing will be certain, not even a combat ready product at the end of the day....

The Israelis are trying to buy the F35 JSF but the US will not give them the source code so that they can quickly update threat and jamming libraries.

My facebook friend, Porter Versfelt, claims that the F22 raptor is the best fighter jet that there is.

The Rafale, I am led to believe, requires significantly more maintenance and is prone to breaking down.

As for the Eurofighter, I am not sure, but I suspect that it isn't as good as the US offerings....

Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's populist programmes might have reaped him immense political benefits, but these were beset with massive corruption, a leaked US diplomatic cable has revealed.

Indian State Karnataka, reeling under corruption scandals and political instability, seems destined to remain a misgoverned state, hostage to the powerplay of the notoriously rich Reddy brothers who manipulate the state's politics by proxy from their bastion in Bellary, the iron-ore rich district 300 km north of Bangalore where they are mining illegally....

1. 1/3rd of the world’s hungry live in India.

2. India has 200 million undernourished people

3. 50 percent of Indian children are underweight and more than 70 percent of the women and children have serious nutritional deficiencies as anemia.

4. During 2006 – 2007, malnutrition contributed to seven million Indian children dying, nearly two million before the age of one.

5. 30% of newborn are of low birth weight, 55% of married women are anemic and 75% of children age 6-36 months are anemic....

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