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Turkmens “denied” the Israelis to probe the ground for $ 300 million; Suspicious of Zionist Intentions...

Michael Falkov

Turkmens “denied” the Israelis to probe the ground for $ 300 million; Suspicious of Zionist Intentions...

Turkmenistan refused to deal with an Israeli company to buy for $ 300 million satellite, which could be used in both civilian and military purposes.Is it because of the same reasons that almost three years of waiting the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Ashgabat.

For a long period of official representatives of Turkmenistan held talks with one of the largest companies in Israel, specialized in a deal to create a satellite remote sensing category (remote sensing of the earth), which could be involved in both civil and military purposes. As the portal IzRus competent source in the defense industry, the transaction value estimated at $ 300 million. He noted that although the implementation of such contacts in the CIS countries, Israeli manufacturers often use the services of intermediaries, in this case, the negotiations were conducted directly. However, they ended without result. ”The Turkmen side was interested in every way to a deal, we have provided all the documentation, all the calculations, a series of meetings, but it all ended with nothing,” – said our source. He added that the situation is very similar story with the appointment of the Israeli ambassador in Ashgabat.

The fact that Israel has reached an agreement with Turkmenistan to open a diplomatic mission in the Central Asian republic portal IzRus first reported in May 2009. In September, Ambassador to Ashgabat was appointed a former legal resident of the “Mossad” in the CIS Reuven Dinel. In December, Israel presented papers on his Turkmen accreditation.However, in early June 2009, 12 days after the official announcement of publicity the Israeli Foreign Ministry to open an embassy in Ashgabat, on this occasion was made by Chief of General Staff of Iran Hassan Firuzabadi. He called on the Turkmen authorities to prevent the opening of the Israeli embassy. The general said that its main task is to prepare the alleged “subversives against Iran.” ”We are taking all measures to limit the influence of the Zionists in the neighboring state of Iran, in particular, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan,” – said Firuzabadi. Iranians as “tense” on this occasion that the matter has even been raised by them during the visit of President Ahmadinejad in Turkmenistan in January 2010. As a result, in February and March last year, it became clear that Dinel not receive accreditation from the Turkmen authorities. They chose not formally reject his candidacy, but simply did not respond to requests from the Israelis on this issue. As a result, in August 2010 as Ambassador to Ashgabat was appointed a career diplomat and orientalist education Haim Koren. However, he is still awaiting the response of the Turkmen authorities to request in his accreditation.

As for the attempts of domestic defense industry companies to enter the market of Turkmenistan, according to the above mentioned source, during the last decade in this area was not signed by any meaningful contract. From the official reports of the Russian company “Unmanned Systems” it is known that in 2008 the Israelis unsuccessfully participated in the tender for the supply of Turkmen Interior Party UAV. In late 2010 – early 2011 an Israeli company, owned by former high-ranking officers of the IDF, with the assistance of the Russian partners, also tried to offer Turkmens drones, and also to no avail. There is now another domestic structure, with the participation of two mediators, expects the deal to supply arms to Turkmenistan of a defensive nature to ensure the safety of the republic’s territorial waters in the Caspian Sea.

Source:: IzRus

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