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Croatia, the next Greece; Offer of EU membership is a Faustian bargain....

Croatia, the next Greece; Offer of EU membership is a Faustian bargain....

Written by a rigid conservative in DC and I hate to agree with him but every word he is saying is true. Croatia is joining the EU in 2013 - here's hoping there will be no more EU, that EU and UN and NATO and the rest of the crap will collapse before them and that this is avoided. This Croatia joining EU thing is bad for Croatia, bad for Europe, bad for the US.....

Croatia is completely broke and stock still stagnant. It was never truly reformed since the 90s war. It was broken away from Yugoslavia, annexed into the 7 shards of neo-Rothschildistan the balkanized post-Yugoslavia has become. It was never rebuilt in any meaningful way post communism and tossed from communism and raped by a predatory brand of capitalism, compliments of global zionism.....

The western elites who engineered the demise of Yugoslavia sent us protests, an engineered collapse, a war and offered the solution of breakup, turning 1 previously viable country into 7 nonviable shard countries with Rothschild central banks, wildly unregulated rogue privatization so the global elites could buy everything worth buying there at post-war discount rates while the local oligarchs feasted off the leftovers. Croatia was field-dressed and gutted right at the war battle front and the prized cuts whisked away by global elites.

Back in communism, wages were tiny but the government gave everybody housing, free medical care, free education and nobody was hungry. Wages have not gone up - average income hovers around $500 a month. That sued to be affordable because communism kept the cost of everything extremely low. But cost of living has skyrocketed to the point that apartment rent in Zagreb is $800-1,000 with incomes virtually unchanged from the days of communism. How do people live? They move in with their parents, cram in with room mates, cannot afford cars, save their tiny paychecks for food and urgent basics only. And they hit the streets in protests against the HDZ government.

Health care went from free socialized medicine to a hybrid socialized plus private system with steady erosion of socialized medicine sectors and a private system which only the wealthy can afford while the gutted social service sector rots away - sound familiar? War profiteers and domestic oligarchs robbed the country blind and rule it to this day but they stay in power because of their loyalty to the Zionist global occupiers of Croatia. The education system is in need of overhaul and the same potholes left over from communism which ended 20 years ago still grace the streets. The zionists did not bother fixing them when they annexed the little country. Soros owns the media and all ISPs and herded liberals into his controlled paradigm.

And Croatia is not the worst of it - other ex-Yugoslav republics of Serbia with Kosovo and Bosnia fared much worse. They are full of Clinton's depleted uranium and Kosovo has become a US military colony and future pipelinistan to boot. The Rothschilds bought our tiny Montenegro outright.

We actually had a fairly self-sufficient economy in Yugoslavia. Manufactured all basics from crappy Yugo cars, basic pharmaceuticals, clothing to a fertile agricultural industry. Were dependent on Russian oil and gas but so is everyone else in Europe. The country of Yugoslavia could have survived alone. The seven shards it has been broken into are not viable. And now it will get much worse with EU entry.

Croatia joining the EU will cost the EU a bloody fortune because Croatia cannot and will not recover - there is no basis for recovery, nothing on the horizon that could fix it. It is not viable alone, nor is Kosovo, nor is Serbia, nor is Macedonia or Bosnia, all the silly countries it has been forced to become. But breaking the country into nonviable shards was the goal behind the engineered collapse and fake humanitarian NATO bombing all along. This way, the Empire owns the shards and controls everything.

Almost nobody in Croatia wants to join the EU. It is forced on people by corrupt pols who are in bed with the evil Empire. There is much fear in Croatia right now over the EU thing. One big worry is that part of standardization to EU compliance will shut down all local food production. The still affordable local farmers markets with real organic food locally produced which feed the whole country will be forced to close due to EU regulations and inferior non-organic crap at much higher and unaffordable prices will come from other countries, effectively killing the country's agriculture also which is the last independent source of survival they got left. It won't be long until hunger comes after that. But that may be the plan by the global elites also.

This pending EU joining is a lose/lose deal for both Croatia and the EU. The EU will have one more utterly nonviable welfare recipient to feed while Croatia's last remnants of self-sufficiency will be taken away. When talking to people in Croatia today, the fear I hear most often is - we will not have food anymore when they shut down local production and the country's own farmers market production and sales and replace it with corporate overpriced crap imported from other EU countries which is underway now. It's a bitch to go from communism through war only to join the west and become the a hungry fiefdom and last straggler joining a dying looting murdering Empire and end up hungrier than we ever were in communism. ....

Croatia is on the verge of national surrender. This small Balkan nation is poised to follow the disastrous path of Greece - dramatically affecting European and U.S. taxpayers. On Dec. 4, Croatians will hold parliamentary elections. The ruling Croatian Democratic Union, known by its acronym HDZ, is expected to lose - and rightly so.

The HDZ has been mired in corruption scandals. Its former leader, Ivo Sanader, is in prison awaiting trial on charges of embezzling millions. Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor has sought to improve her party’s badly tarnished image. She has failed.

For years, Zagreb’s governing class has pillaged the Croatian economy. More than $1 billion has been siphoned off or stolen. Shady privatization deals have enriched HDZ-connected oligarchs. Bribery is rampant. The regime harasses independent journalists and media critics. Judges frequently are political hacks. The rule of law is almost nonexistent. Property rights are violated routinely. More than 1 million court cases remain backlogged - a stunning number for a country of about 4 million citizens.

The results have been disastrous. The unemployment rate hovers at 20 percent. Youth unemployment is near 40 percent. Growth is anemic. Yet the HDZ’s most destructive legacy has been its reckless borrowing and spending. The national debt has skyrocketed. Croatia’s per-capita debt-to-gross-domestic-product ratio is one of the highest in Europe. In response, Ms. Kosor’s government has refused to do what is required: slash public spending and overhaul the country’s lavish entitlement programs. Instead, Zagreb has raised taxes - especially on foreign corporations. The HDZ’s high-tax, statist polices have fostered economic sclerosis, chased away investment capital and stifled job creation.

Moreover, the country is so saddled with debt that Croatia's Central Bank is warning of possible national bankruptcy and financial collapse. Croatia’s future is bleak. That is why its largest export has been people - the vast brain drain of the most educated and skilled young Croatians.

The HDZ has staked everything on joining the European Union. Brussels has agreed to accept Croatia as its newest member. According to Zagreb, EU accession is the magic solution to the country’s woes. It isn’t.

The current EU agreement is a dagger aimed at the heart of Croatia’s national sovereignty and economic independence. It literally sells the country down the river - Croatia’s fishing and agricultural sectors will be decimated; its economic zone in the Adriatic Sea, estimated to possess vast potential reservoirs of oil and natural gas, has been abandoned to Brussels; its wine exports will be crippled; and its fiscal policy will be subordinated to EU bureaucrats. In short, Croatia will be transformed into a political vassal.

The deal is also bad for Europe and America. Brussels will be assuming another Greece - a debt-laden Balkan nation that will require constant expensive bailouts to stay afloat. So far, EU and American taxpayers have provided more than $1 billion in foreign aid to Croatia. The money has not gone to advance anti-corruption reform measures. Instead, it largely has been misappropriated, misused or simply embezzled. Zagreb’s political class has been pushing to join the EU for one reason: to get its dirty hands on the 4 billion euros Brussels is promising as part of Croatia’s entry. It is a Faustian bargain that threatens to cost Croatians - and Europeans - dearly.

The surging opposition leftist coalition is expected to win at the ballot box. Composed of former communists and social democrats, it promises to offer the same broad policies of the HDZ - EU membership, high taxes, stifling regulations and big government spending - minus the corruption. Even this will not happen. Left-wing parties control numerous local cities and towns. Yet graft, cronyism and bribery remain pervasive. Nothing will change except party labels and different oligarchs. The Croatian people, however, will continue to bleed.

This is why voters need to overturn the political status quo. It is time to confront Croatia’s entrenched corruption and incompetent governing class. There are some promising new parties offering viable options to reverse the country’s decline.

One of them is Croatia 21st Century. Its leader, Natasha Srdoc, champions a tax-cutting, pro-growth agenda. She advocates reducing government spending, balancing the budget and unleashing the private economy. She is also one of the few politicians truly serious about tackling Zagreb’s culture of corruption. Ms. Srdoc is demanding that any Croatian government official who has amassed unexplained illicit wealth while in office be prosecuted and have his or her assets seized. This alone would smash Croatia’s mafia state.

She also is a Euro-skeptic who vows to scuttle Zagreb’s deal with Brussels. Her party has close ties to European conservatives. In contrast to the HDZ, Ms. Srdoc is a genuine traditionalist. She is pro-family, pro-life and seeks eventually to end the mass murder of unborn Croatian children by making abortion illegal - but only through a referendum. In short, she poses a mortal threat to Croatia’s venal kleptocracy.

Hence, the HDZ has branded her “an enemy of the state.” Nearly two dozen of her party’s members and supporters have been harassed and intimidated by HDZ and leftist officials. Recently, Aleksandar Radovic, a candidate for Croatia 21st Century and a well-known anti-corruption author, was arrested by government authorities. His crime: He had extensively documented the vast illicit wealth and corruption of Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko - a thug who uses the police as his personal henchmen. Mr. Radovic is rotting in jail, a political prisoner in a supposedly democratic country.

Having won its war for national independence from Serb-dominated Yugoslavia, Croatia is about to fritter away its hard-won sovereignty. Joining the EU is a fatal mistake. Just ask the Greeks.....

Markets pricing in endgame for the euro, warns UBS....; Zioconned Barack Obomba is ecstatic since the World is not talking about the US ZOG's worse Financial condition....

Markets are “pricing in the endgame” for the euro as the situation moves faster than Zioconned politicians can act, UBS has warned ahead of a key meeting between eurozone leaders and Zioconned Barack Obomba.....

Mr Obama is hosting this year’s EU-US summit at the White House today, with the debt crisis at the top of the agenda. Attendees include European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

The meeting will be held amid Italian media reports that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is preparing a €600bn (£514bn) loan for Italy. This will give Mario Monti, the new Italian prime minister, breathing space to implement reforms before debt refinancing is needed, La Stampa reported. Speculation is also mounting that Spain may also need to apply to the IMF or the European Financial Stability Facility after its borrowing costs soared last week.

Germany’s cost of borrowing has also jumped, with yields on 10-year bunds moving ahead of the more indebted countries of the UK, US and Japan.

“Financial markets continue to move faster than politicians,” Mansoor Mohi-uddin, head of foreign exchange strategy for UBS, said. “Fixed income investors are betting that either Germany moves towards a fiscal union with its eurozone partners or that, without the ECB willing to buy unlimited amounts of sovereign bonds in the secondary markets, the eurozone will break apart.”

Should further integration of eurozone countries occur, then Germany’s finances will get worse, he said. “If [a closer union] involves fiscal transfers to shore up the single currency area then Germany’s fiscal position itself will deteriorate,” Mr Mohi-uddin said.

Concerns are increasing that the lack of a resolution by European politicians could result in Europe’s problems spreading globally. Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty said yesterday that the debt crisis is creating “contagion” outside the eurozone. “Again today, we are staring a crisis in the face,” Mr Flaherty said.

Yesterday, Chancellor George Osborne warned that the euro’s collapse would have a massive impact on the UK’s economy.

“We have contingency plans for all situations,” Mr Osborne said. “We have obviously stepped up that contingency planning in recent months, you would expect us to do that as the British government.

“That doesn’t mean we are predicting any particular outcome, we are just ready for whatever ... the eurozone throws at us.”

Last week, Andrew Bailey, deputy head of the Prudential Business Unit at the Financial Services Authority (FSA), said that British banks must prepare for some countries to exit the single currency – or for a complete break-up.

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