Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nazarbayev is preparing for a strategic partnership with Germany.

Nazarbayev is preparing for a strategic partnership with Germany....

February 7 to Berlin to visit President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. Germany hopes to conclude from this Central Asian country into a strategic partnership, which implies an exchange of raw materials to technology. will be held February 7-8 visit by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Germany, the first since 2009. In addition to meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), the program host provides performance Nazarbayev at the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) and the Kazakh delegation dinner in East Committee of German Economy. During the visit the parties intend to conclude a large number of agreements, especially in the economic sphere. As acknowledged by the experts, the main document, which is calculated Nazarbayev signed and Merkel – is an agreement on strategic raw materials, industrial and innovative partnership. ”It is a unique agreement, embodying all the ideas of German Ostpolitik,” – said in an interview with Deutsche Welle, Alexander Rahr ( Alexander Rahr), director of the Center named Berthold Beitza German Society for Foreign Policy. A similar agreement is in Berlin with Russia, and now appears to Kazakhstan, he said. ”German companies have access to the resources of Kazakhstan, and Astana – preferences for acquiring new technologies”, – explained the essence of the contract Rar.Meanwhile, details of a future agreement, negotiations for which were, according to the parties, not easy, and lasted over a year, has not yet been disclosed. ”After signing this document, Germany will receive a” green light “for economic expansion in the region, which has long been eyeing in Berlin” – said the editor of German magazine Zenith Alexander von Hahn (Alexander von Hahn). Kazakhstan need another partner, Nazarbayev’s visit is needed to saving maneuver on the international scene, says German expert on Central Asia, Gunter Knabe (G√ľnter Knabe).Kazakh leader set himself the task of rapprochement with Europe as a partner, who can not and does not want to be a threat for Astana. ”At a time when Kazakhstan is sandwiched between China and Russia, and is constantly weakening the U.S. position, Kazakhstan needs another partner,” – said Knabe. ”for Nazarbayev’s visit to Berlin – an opportunity not only to demonstrate its status as one of the main partners of the EU in the region,” – indicates the Alexander von Hahn. ”Kazakhstan needs international prestige. Country wants to see itself as a bridge between Europe, Asia and the Islamic world,” – adds Alexander Rahr of the German Society for Foreign Policy. ”The meeting with Merkel as a continuation of dialogue on the prospects of cooperation with Germany and the EU in a very difficult period of growing uncertainty,” – says von Hahn. Increasing uncertainty uncertainty, he said, there remains both in terms of who will be at the helm of the country after the departure of Nazarbayev and in regard to the rapidly changing geopolitical situation around Kazakhstan. ”I am referring to the growing crisis in Russia, the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan and the economic expansion of China”, – explained the browser. Against the backdrop of the fact that the West’s relations with Iran worsen, and the European Union in the near future is going to give up Iran’s energy resources, both Kazakhstan supplier of oil and gas may obtain additional benefits from their exports, predicts Gunter Knabe. ”Astana may be a winner, although she is not interested in the outbreak of open conflict between the West and Iran,” – said German expert. Nazarbayev, according to Knabe, do not forget that this position has allowed Kazakhstan to Berlin to take a critical position for the Kazakh elite, the chairman of OSCE in 2010. ”His visit to the President of Kazakhstan wishes to express gratitude for the service previously, and for what kind of assistance at the time, Germany had to ethnic Germans from Kazakhstan”, – said Knabe. Human rights activists are also preparing for the visit of the Kazakh president’s visit to prepare and human rights activists. Hugh Williamson of the German branch of Human Rights Watch said the government should raise the Federal Republic of Germany in the negotiations a number of issues of human rights issues and the political situation in Kazakhstan.”There are three most important themes: the last parliamentary elections, the investigation of the tragedy in Zhanaozen, as well as the problems of Kazakhstan’s labor laws,” – said Williamson. Human Rights Watch has plans this week to send the Chancellor of his appeal. According to the defenders of Germany should at least reconsider their plans for closer ties with Kazakhstan, and wonder whether Astana after the bloody events in Zhanaozen continue to be stable and reliable partner. Author: Michael Bushuev Editor: Vladimir Dorokhov Deutshe Welle , February 6, 2012

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