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Troubling document and talk circulate on Capitol Hill about Revolution in USA....

Troubling document and talk circulate on Capitol Hill about a burgeoning Revolution in USA....

October , 2011 -- Alarming planning document seen by select few in U.S. Congress...

A limited-distribution document circulating around relevant oversight committees of the Congress has raised some eyebrows on Capitol Hill. The document, said to have originated with the Department of Homeland Security, describes seven mass detention centers that have been set up at military bases, mostly in the western states. With "Occupy Wall Street" and similar "occupy" city movements gaining in numbers and power around the nation, some in Congress suspect the Homeland Security document is a way to assure right-wing members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, that the Obama administration has implemented plans to detain key leaders and participants in the mass protests sweeping the United States.

We have learned of the document from a House Judiciary Committee source.

The U.S. government, particularly the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has been developing plans for the mass detention of American citizens since the Nixon administration. Plans for such action re-surfaced in the 1980s, with Iran-contra felon Oliver North being questioned, albeit unsuccessfully, about one such mass arrest and detention program, REX-84, by Representative Jack Brooks (D-TX), during the Iran-contra joint Congressional hearings....

The arrest of over 700 protesters at the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York police may have been a dry-run for a much larger round-up, one that could be mirrored across the United States. Although most of the protesters in New York received a citation for disorderly conduct and other lesser infractions, in the event of a national emergency and suspension of habeas corpus, federal authorities would not be so sanguine, with felony charges likely, and then only, if those arrested are ever brought before a judge.

On April 3, 2008, We reported on a similar limited distribution document that was circulating among select circles in the Congress: "We have learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the document. The document is being called the 'C & R' document because it reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world. "Conflict" is the "C word" in the document. The other scenario is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government. "Revolution" is the document's 'R word.'" The title of the document was "Conflict or Revolution." ...
The "nanny" mayor threatens mass movement.... Yesterday Mubarak, tomorrow Bloomberg, next week Obama and the Republicans....
Bloomberg says "we'll see" if protests are allowed to continue....

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has thrown down a gauntlet to growing numbers of protesters in New York who have been using the private Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan as their rallying place. Bloomberg, on his weekly radio show, said "we'll see" when asked if protesters would be permitted to stay in the park indefinitely. Bloomberg indicated that sanitation laws and other municipal impediments might be used to disperse the protesters from the park.

Several labor unions, including the Steelworkers, Transport Workers, Teamsters, Airline pilots, and others have announced they are joining other protesters in downtown Manhattan this week in the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, which is gaining steam in New York and across the United States and Canada. Over the weekend, New York police officers arrested over 700 protesters after most of them were "kettled" on to the Brooklyn Bridge roadway by police acting as agents provocateurs. The protesters were charged with disrupting traffic.

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is spreading around the nation, with demonstrations being held in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and other cities. On October 6, protesters will take over Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC for an indefinite protest aimed at the federal government. We will cover the Washington demonstration.

Bloomberg has always been an enemy of labor. On December 27, 2005, We reported: "
New York's GOP mayor Michael Bloomberg, a darling of so-called 'progressive Democrats' who think of him as some sort of 'Republican in name only' (RINO), called striking Transport Worker's Union (TWU) leaders and members 'thugs' after they walked off their jobs to protest reduction of pension and medical benefits. The late TWU President Michael J. Quill, after being ordered by a judge in 1966 to send his striking New York transit workers back to work after imposing an injunction, told the judge to "drop dead" and was declared in contempt of court and jailed. Quill's quote: 'Just as we promised you, the judge can drop dead in his black robes. We will not call off the strike.' Ironically, Quill died in prison just shy of age 60." The Transport Workers Union was the first union to announce they were joining the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

It is also noteworthy that Bloomberg has the same sexual harassment and perversion problem as disgraced former International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn. On October 24, 2006, We reported: "New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while heading up his media empire, consistently made rude and sexist comments around female Bloomberg employees . . . Bloomberg certainly was not liberal when it came to his workers' rights. According to former Bloomberg employees, the now Mayor once told a pregnant employee who requested maternity leave that she should have 'killed the fetus.' A male employee who requested time off to be with his hospitalized ill wife was told he would be fired if he took off. He quit right on the spot.
It was Bloomberg's sexist comments that were his trademark at his Manhattan Bloomberg News media headquarters. He had a spiral staircase installed, reportedly so he could peer up the dresses of female employees. Bloomberg also was known to make crude sexual-related remarks around his female employees."

There is little wonder why New York's police and legal establishment, many of whom are in the same "club" as Bloomberg, lined up behind Strauss-Kahn after he was charged with rape by a Guinean chambermaid at the Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan. Although DNA evidence clearly pointed to Strauss-Kahn's criminal conduct..., the tables were turned against the maid by New York's elite establishment. All charges against Strauss-Kahn were dropped, he was permitted to return to France, and the maid was charged with lying on immigration papers.

Unions supporting Occupy Wall Street
Transport Workers Union
United Federation of Teachers
Service Employees International
United Steel Workers
Air Line Pilots Association
Communication Workers of America
Workers United

Part III – Conclusion

For the rest of America to ignore what is going on here is the equivalent of turning one’s back on a mugging in progress. And what is being mugged is the entire country. Actually, this threat has been building for some time. What do you think Ronald Reagan was doing, in terms of both domestic and foreign policies, if not laying the ground for George Bush Jr. And the Democrats too have done their share to prepare the ground. Bill Clinton helped deregulate the economy to the delight of the devotees of greed and corruption, while simultaneously destroying the lives of millions of Iraqi innocents through draconian sanctions. President Obama has allied with racists in the Middle East and let go free torturers and war criminals in our own midst. Indeed, how many of us, politicians and voters, have turned a blind eye to the repeated bipartisan orgies of blood that sacrificed millions in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places. Who are these people? Well, intellectually speaking they are our lumpenproletariat. The one-dimensional thinkers and political savages that, until recently, had dwelled on the fringes of the conservative movement. However, in another way they are a reflection of all of us and our frustrations with the built in inadequacies of the democratic system. Winston Churchill was right when he said that democracy was the worst political system, except for all the others. The recurrent corruption, constant double standards, favoritism, and influence peddling can get us all down. But what sets the modern barbarians apart is their simple minded intention to essentially dismantle government with nothing but a vague and vengeful minimalism in mind as a replacement. They are, if you will, intimations of our collective political id. So, Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde. Who will it be? If you think you really share the character of Dr. Jekyll, then you better assert yourself. Get active, get political, speak out, take a progressive stand. Otherwise, modern barbarism will have its way....

Lawrence Davidson is professor of history at West Chester University in
West Chester PA. His academic work is focused on the history of American
foreign relations with the Middle East. He also teaches courses in the
history of science and modern European intellectual history....

We didn't come to, then fight for this nation--simply to be the dupes of some Orwellian empire decline phase. Imagine trying to tell the crowd of 1775-8 they can't gather to protest...

The problem is a relatively small crowd in the US that thinks it has a right to live like kings yet not risk what always happened to kings: decapitation, murder, overthrow and revolution(s). Some of those assholes think that if they live above the 24th floor and are driven in a limo, if the US has cool high-tech weapons, it doesn't matter what the hell happens at street level---just as long as the palace is supplied, the poor people are willing to be sacrificed in some pointless war (that's what cost Louis his head, isn't it?), and high tech escapes (and sexually abused women) are available ON DEMAND.

There's a touch of unreality to it: grotesque blowhards scheming a variety of desperate scenarios, none of which can really be done. You can't do mass arrests here because if you do, the US is no more. It will end in short order OR those who betrayed the Constitution will pay with their lives and their security. The C&R routine is monkey sh*t. It isn't viable, nor is the current regime, frankly. It doesn't plan for global warming. It doesn't even bother to try to correct the planet as is necessary. US soldiers died for Kuwait yet Bush Sr. didn't even bother to say women must vote there or you can just suck on Saddam's bayonets.

There's a common sense limit to this tacky swamp drama. I suspect that the morons trying to scare us with a C&R dungeon are trying to do what only 9-11 did to the anti-WTO movement: let all the air out. But no protestor, no real "patriot" (I don't mean the word in the thoughtless, destructive sense) will be cowed by semi-drunk, gold-laced mannequins like Kissinger, Soros, or their ilk. No one thinks the US will return to the push-button bombing and shock and awe of the old regime. No thinks the US will ever go back to the pre-eminent industrial war machine that breeds gameboy-playing, Chevy driving little hacks, each of whom thinks he/she has a right to sacrifice the lives of other peoples, other nations just to satisfy some fake movie notion of power and control.

We don't even (publicly) do manned space flight. We'll never have the kind of money that China now has to build as it chooses. But the truth is, China, with its empty planned cities, its copyright violations (and lack of free-voiced creativity) and disastrously overpriced real estate, is due for its own kind of bubble blowout. The US wasted its position in less than 100 years, and China will cycle out in even shorter time.

Meanwhile, cash and currency economies are bizarrely archaic, not capable of the awesome feats of engineering and mass commitment that non-terrestrial examples nearly all speak about, reportedly. A planet that doesn't squander its time and resource on moronic elite pyramid greed can simply devote all sustainable resources for any given project. Cost is no object when you don't even use currency. **Ironically, no other known inhabited planet reportedly uses currency.

But, in a more immediate sense we all see how a nation partly spoiled by greed and excess can learn to live more modestly. We will never see US steel, auto, textiles, and so on at the apex. China, India, the many petroleum rich nations and more grow increasingly more capable, which is GOOD, not bad. The lesson we have to learn is that humility isn't a punishment. It's the only way to be decent (the only way to even think about being competent in the larger exo-realm, also). Ego is always the enemy, but look at how it is idolized by our media...

More than half of it is dripping with masturbatory self-indulgence, sloppy crap that's always inflated. Now, no commercial racketeer is ashamed to use the Founders or the flag for a cheap advertising moment of salivation. We're supposed to feel as though a stupid hamburger, a cell phone or a car is some kind of spiritual realization. They try to juice you for every stupid little trinket. All of it out of proportion. All of it is but the dodo phase of a failing plutocracy.

Presidents are merely shills, Congress even worse. The military is seen as decorated dirty workers, somewhere in between car mechanics and a killer circus act. It's touted as a fearful spectacle (C&R), not a simple security option, another kind of chore that some of us must do. Meanwhile, the key linchpin in the headless subservience of the military is the reverse-engineered technology program structure, weirder and more fantastic---writ larger than mere humans, hence part of the ugliest ego concept and empire logic of those bratty little boys who toast the military as the best and finest (while deriding them behind their backs and plotting to murder any general who rats them out publicly re: the most atrocious crimes of empire).

Idaho MUFON head and Groom Lake base specialist Ike Bishop notes that the upper Nellis Air Force bases are all known as "Groom" by the men who work in them. Bishop and others say the CIA controls Groom and its bizarre, partly non-human technology programs. And why the CIA? Because, per the CIA Act of 1949, the CIA can secretly use vast sums of money designated for other agencies---the CIA can arrange to take huge parts of their money and spend it without regard to its intended use. That way, hundreds of billions, some suggest about a trillion annually, can be spent on such without public knowledge.

And who owns the CIA?

Given its narco traffic, its use by the most criminal traitors to this nation (David Rockefeller, Bush Sr., and the Goldman-Rothschild cabal, etc.) and its child sex slave racketeering (BIG-scale, not merely incidental), it isn't the people who control such agencies. It never was.

The worst, potentially most dangerous problem for the US and, in part, the rest of the globe, now, is the combined criminality of a Fed Reserve Bank that really doesn't have much money yet prints huge amounts and acts as though WE, THE PEOPLE owe them for the full value of those notes and mere numbers on a computer somewhere (we slave, we serve, we labor for THAT?) AND the second danger---the off-the-shelf, seemingly independent criminal entity that is the reverse-engineered technology programs.

That kind of arrogance and impunity is the real issue in the C&R story, not merely the "non-growth" of the US economy....

The detail plotting and planning for creating a one world fascist, totalitarian system were worked out before those public meetings were held. That planning included the “reforms” of domestic policy to ensure the chains of control for their domestic populations were in place as the “transformation” to a global system of slavery of the masses was implemented. In addition, a Big Lie propaganda campaign was concocted to “sell” the initiatives that were necessary to create the conditions that would enable the transformation. Those initiatives were given sound bite labels that created illusions of benefit to their populations - Free Trade, Sustainable Development, High Performance Education, 21st Century Economy, Renewable Energy, etc. When you dig below the surface of the attractive labeling, what you find is pure evil support for the totalitarian system of control. And once the systems of totalitarian control are in place, there will be no escape for the world’s people because the controls are too all encompassing and insidious.

Occupy the London Stock Exchange, October 15

Add the Koch Brothers to the Most Dangerous Men in the World - THE SECRET SINS OF KOCH INDUSTRIES

In May 2008, a unit of Koch Industries Inc., one of the world’s largest privately held companies, sent Ludmila Egorova-Farines, its newly hired compliance officer and ethics manager, to investigate the management of a subsidiary in Arles in southern France. In less than a week, she discovered that the company had paid bribes to win contracts.

“I uncovered the practices within a few days,” Egorova- Farines says. “They were not hidden at all.”

She immediately notified her supervisors in the U.S. A week later, Wichita, Kansas-based Koch Industries dispatched an investigative team to look into her findings, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its November issue.

By September of that year, the researchers had found evidence of improper payments to secure contracts in six countries dating back to 2002, authorized by the business director of the company’s Koch-Glitsch affiliate in France....

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