Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis"
A new documentary on the causes and consequences of the US financial crisis has been making waves. "Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis" was produced by a team of filmmakers led by prominent Swedish libertarians Jonah Norberg and Martin Borgs. The film has been broadcast in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Australia - and won the prestigious 'Best Feature Documentary' award at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival. Since the film debuted on the popular television series Four Corners on Australia's public broadcaster ABC, it has incited a bit of an uproar among left-wing journalists.

Supreme Court: Corporations Can Buy Judges

The film relies heavily on interviews with Euro Pacific's Peter Schiff, as well as a former US Comptroller General, a former Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, Economic Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith, and others. It's a very interesting group that presents different perspectives on the factors that led to the credit crunch and where we are headed from here. Each one is realistic about the United States' grave fiscal situation.....

Other stuff that is worth looking at:

To dispel the myth that capitalism caused the crisis, the producers have decided to make the 45-minute film free to watch online, in full, for a limited time.

To watch "Overdose" now, Click Here.

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