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US Wars and PNAC's reckless looting of our planet.

US Wars and PNAC's reckless looting of our planet.

The "official communiqués published by the Pentagon, NATO and IDF have progressively liberated themselves from the constraints of truth... since the early 1950s..."
The labyrinthine path between a secure world and global conflagration, meant to impose a chaos of "constantly shifting alliances" of thousands of Tribes with Flags, throughout ASIA and Africa, runs right through Pakistan....

Notwithstanding the presumptuous bravado in the American corridors of power, the power behind the power in USA runs the show like clock-work, ever since the tragic assassination of JFK.
Benazir Bhutto's assassination by the infamous White House Murder INC, and the crisis in Pakistan, are only the beginning....of the street... to international geo-political alliances, of the neo-hegemonic demons of the PNAC killers, in order to redraw the world into a collection of constantly shifting "groupings..." of hundreds of Tribes with Flags...thereby diffusing and eliminating the possibility of the emergence or re-emergence of an "attractively equal" superpower....The obvious target is CHINA...India, all of ASIA, AFRICA etc. will suffer the dramatic consequences of such callous systematic policy of Washington, since the early 1970s, regardless the consecutive "administrations" in USA. By ricochet, in time, Latin America will suffer the same fate, Russia will be unable to garner any meaningful alliance in Asia with IRAN...

Back to the "American self-inflicted Virus..."

The self generated PNAC intrinsic American metastased fatal disease....
The disease is that the American people allow their bamboozled futile
government to impose on them two fundamentally bad assumptions on
how our society should work, assumptions which are neither sustainable,
nor affordable in the long run...., except when the real intrinsic aims are
what I described above...a systematic looting of the world's resources.

These two big "bad" assumptions....sustained by a media frenzy...., the
infamous FDDC....and the notorious disinformation machine for CIA....
which spews daily doctored, semi-factual garbage, Stratfor, which is the
joint of George Friedman, Texas funded and Texas order to
create the conditions for the biggest and fattest "criminal diversion, and
a very noisy diversion" for a specific aim...are:

1) Our national security interests lie as far and wide as the earth
will take us to, and by extension, as far and wide as the space will
take us to. Ergo, we must fight to have troops and forward bases all
over the world and spend any amount of money needed to support that
fight, even if you have to make people starve and homeless across

2) Our economy runs on credits which requires and encourages everyone
to borrow, and borrow, to receive the money you need. Corollary: You
will remain poor if you don't borrow but you can leverage to death in
order to become a billionaire.

But who does this Ponzi scheme of credit-driven economy benefit the
most: the top of the money chain, the bankers, the investment bankers
and financiers. Investment always means figuring a way to get more
money by borrowing more money than you already owe. Financiers are
leverage investors cum scam artists by another name.

And who does the far-flung US national security interest assumption
benefit? The investment bankers and financiers again....and the ultimate
power behind the power in USA and the various stooges.... The latter,
through their direct political connections and campaign contributions
(which is but a fraction of a percent of their outlandish profits from
multi-billion post-destruction..... construction projects in war zones),
are war profiteers. And the investment bankers always make a fat cut
when there are large projects to finance. (They always have money to
lend because the Fed is behind them with the lowest rate on this land.)

But both assumptions are unsustainable and ultimately unaffordable.

Of course, you know who are actually paying for the war expenditure
and the credit-driven economy. The taxpayers, of course. You might
ask how the taxpayers are financing the credit-driven economy. Well,
how much interest you must pay to borrow from the Bank of America or
Wa-Mu? And then how much interest you think the Bank of America is
required to pay for the money it borrows from the Federal Reserve
Banks? Now you know the difference comes from the US Treasury.
And that's why a stimulus first benefits the bankers by the fattest share
before the guys who are hungry and homeless on Main Street get their

Obama is not a socialist but rather a servant to the capitalists who
wish to govern the 300 million plus Americans....and the ones aiming for
the big loot of the 21st century....... when money is made.....tight.

Obama can't help himself but appears to be seduced by the thought of
being a nice guy to everybody, especially the fatcats on Wall Street....

And his stimulus program is nothing but an extension of George Bush's
stimulus program administered by Hank Paulson called the TARP.

And whoever's stimulus remains a net outflow of money, especially the
money which goes to finance infrastructure projects because when
factories are not producing anything valuable but only bombs, tanks,
and missiles, they don't bring money back into the treasury. And the
bailing out of the toxic-mortgages and the companies which carry them
is to put good money into bad, like they all say nowadays. And all
economists agree that the stimulus we've seen are helping to create
and sustain a ``zombie'' economy, whether the speaker is Ben Stein,
Joe Stieglitz, or Paul Krugman. (Some of these economists have been
labeled one way and others the other way, but they all agree on the
effect of the current stimulus program being to keep alive a zombie

All these discussions demonstrate one thing: that is that the two
fundamental policy assumptions on how our government should operate
are unsustainable and ultimately unaffordable, as we are seeing it
happen now....and the only way to reverse engineer the outlandish war
creatures on a Global scale, is to foment a real popular revolution in the the people, for the people...and it has already began with the
advent of the likes of the Populist USA ?

The well-respected economist Joseph Stieglitz told the NYT at the start
of this year:

I've been a bit astonished that all the discussion around the
private-sector stimulus has centered on infrastructure, . . .?

Bailouts, too, are aimed at correcting mistakes of the past, so they
are backward-looking. We would be much better off spending our
money forward-looking. If we spend $700 billion on new technology
and innovation, we'd have a stronger, new, real economy. Up to now,
the discussion has focused on the sectors that have been mismanaged
rather than the sectors that are creating our future.

Of course, investing on new technologies, or innovations, takes time
and concentration to see results. We can't focus on wars and expect a
few scientists to have great bright profitable ideas about how to make
new things....because the policy of the power elites never changed since
the early 1960s....

Sustaining the wars and sustaining the US credit-driven financial
system are both projects which put good money into bad, as well as
focus-diverting....from the real PNAC dream of Global domination and
utter looting of the world's resources, by militarizing energy and controlling
all the trading routes of the world and the lifelines/pipelines....

And unfortunately, there are people who are the Armlets of the Bush
war years who fired dozens of disinformation a day in the global media,
just to drown out criticisms of the administration's policy. They repeated
their statements like Bush and Condoleezza Rice, as if by repeating
them enough they become true. And to add volume to their shouts, they
made ad hominem attacks on anti-war messengers. Now, Obama's machine
cannot try to stop this nonsense real quick before it loses the good
will and support of the people who brought him to power in the first
place....because OBAMA is the quintessential creation of the same forces
at play here, the power behind the power in USA and the Siamese twins
of the evil Nexus of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/CIA2.....

The only way to stop this evil enterprise is that one must storm the
Temple in order to reclaim it from the sullied hands of the nexus of evils
and so thereby expel those usurpers illegitimately occupying it, forcefully
pushing them and their fellow-travelers out by the proverbial sword -
going for the jugular, as it were - thereby constraining them forever to
heel for the Good of All whilst the Truth sheds its Light erasing the
shadowy darkness that they are and have always been....

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