Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The O'ctober Surprise... Take $3 M$ and Reverse re-engineering.

The main "trick" is to know what, when and where to look for the cruCIAl information,
with a direct bearing on the subject matter here....

I am Bullish on the US economy, on the US Markets, some emerging and some European markets, except for China... which is a whole different ball-game at play in a different
league... because the PNAC crowds are still at it, trying to socio-engineer all of ASIA,
including CHINA... by militarizing energy security for the PNAC ivy league of nations...
and by fomenting trouble for the thousands of Tribes with Flags in doing so, blatantly.

This O'ctober surprise is like no other, but it's under control by the power behind the
power in USA.... Do not be fooled, because I know what they are trying to "usher"
before the BULLS come back in droves... They have a MAJOR hurdle to overcome
in the US....before moving along quite nicely again.... The "hurdle" is tough and
requires a lot of skill from the new Commander in Chief.... Markets are well under
control for now, moving within a narrow band, up or down 300 points, give or take
a few....despite the catastrophic language used repeatedly by the "Heil" the elite
Chief's.... crowds, which ominously resembles the WMD and Anthrax US shenanigans....
and all false flag ops. before and after 9/11...and the hegemonic wars.
Timing the markets is of the essence, timing is everything here, and mistakes can
be very costly indeed....
There will be a tremendous amount of suffering and misery, brought upon the
American People and many other peoples, unnecessarily.... in order to achieve
their "objective".... Shame on them, for they have no scruples, just
greed and false pretenses....

"He who controls the present, controls the past... He who controls the past, controls the futures..."
"The US Government is corrupt beyond redemption!"

The Bohemian Club and the Magic Mirror; foreshadowing of man's relationship—past, present, and future—to the Known, but camouflaged unknowns… ”

“Awe struck we entered a high-vaulted, endless corridor of polished bone-white marble veined exquisitely with PNAC blood. From some distant shadow ICC alcove, a sagacious voice chanted the chronicles

Truth, like a coin, has an obverse and a reverse side. One is a platitude, the other a Quadrillion paradox...

Strange pleasures are known to him who flaunts the "office's"
impressible purple of treachery before the color-blind...

“I have filled out the post 9/11 "style-sheet" with such annotations and details concerning Tsanteleina'uri, as I am at present able to furnish all of the market's futures and parallel timings' CCC, L3 Conundrum...."

A commonplace idea when well told is more acceptable than a brilliant thought poorly expressed...?

The Vapor from the Void of the Stinging Trillions' Flame..., will usher in the "new..."

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