Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tajikistan accepts Russian version of agreement on military base...


Tajikistan Wants Russia to Pay $250 Mln for Military Base

Tajikistan wants Moscow to pay at least $250 million a year for the Russian military base deployed in the Central Asian state, Kommersant business daily reported on Thursday citing an unnamed Tajik source.

The Russian military base in Tajikistan was opened in 2004 and is the largest Russia’s base for ground forces abroad with up to 7,000 military servicemen stationed there. The base’s presence in Tajikistan expires in 2014, according to existing agreements.

The source said that in a new draft agreement on the prolongation of the base’s presence Tajikistan included 20 provisions, which are “unclear and unacceptable for Russia.”

The Russian Defense Ministry neither confirmed nor rejected this information saying that it still did not receive the draft agreement from Tajikistan, the daily added.

Under the current agreements Russia does not pay Tajikistan for its military base, but renders the country military and technical assistance. However, this form of assistance is not officially stated as a form of the payment....

Tajikistan accepts Russian version of agreement on military base
Photo: RIA Novosti

This came in a statement by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces, General Vladimir Chirkin.

Under the agreement, the military facility will remain in Tajikistan without compensation for 49 years.

Russia’s base 201 is the biggest outside Russia and a most powerful military force in Central Asia. Some 7,000 servicemen are deployed there.

Moscow and Dushanbe have said they will sign the agreement on the prolongation of the term of base deployment in Tajikistan before the end of the year.


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