Friday, May 25, 2012

Greece is cooked, along with Zioconned Merkel...

Greece is cooked, along with Zioconned Merkel...

Victor Sperandeo, Contributor ;

There is no hope for Zioconned Greece and the Euro. The Zioconned G-8 meeting at Camp David is a nice picnic for world leaders, but their goal of solving the unsolvable problem of saving the European Union from the debt crisis starting in Greece is far beyond their reach.

Angela Merkel enforces power over other European politicians and technocrats because Germany has the credit and money, but she is losing her influence. (If you like Ms. Merkel, cut her picture out of a magazine and tape it to your refrigerator, as you won’t see her after the next election). The German people have had enough of bailing out other countries who don’t work as hard as they do. Sounds exactly like the Tea Party, doesn’t it?

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