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Today it's Egypt in revolutionary mode, tomorrow it's USA....

sfgate.com; story h/t: Zero Hedge.

Debt is not the way to prosperity, it's the worst way...

Excerpt from The Great Global Debt Prison by Giordano Bruno, Neithercorp Press

If the Federal Reserve continues buying our debt with fiat, it means that the effects of the debt will only be delayed, the dollar will be dropped as the world reserve currency, and hyperinflation is a certainty. If they do not continue buying, then our government defaults, the country’s financial infrastructure ceases to exist, the dollar loses its world reserve status, and hyperinflation is a certainty. The banking elites haven’t just erected a prison, they’ve tossed us in Alcatraz!

Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen, are only the beginning. The sting of inflation will be unbearable as austerity measures take hold in Europe, and the potential for riots in Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Africa and many more Arab countries and Italy looms large. The most volatile environment on the planet to date, however, is the United States, which, as we have shown in previous articles, is being dismantled deliberately and viciously in preparation for IMF regulation and centralization. Today, the IMF is stalking Egypt, ready to pounce as the nation goes mad. Tomorrow, it will be us. I will be very surprised if we are not hearing about IMF intervention in the U.S. economy and the dollar by the end of this year, offering more debt, and more unaccountable governance.


The secret to breaking the circle of debt is to adopt a policy of decentralization, and self sufficiency. To take back control of our local commerce and to establish micro-economies with self contained methods of trade. Debt must be removed from the equation altogether, and systems protected by flexibility and redundancy must be applied. Savings and meaningful production would have to take the place of endless spending and outsourcing. The claustrophobic nurse-maid philosophies of globalism would have to be cast aside and replaced with goals of independence and self reliance. By cutting our dependency on the corrupt establishment, we sever its ability to feed off of us. By building a better system, we make the faulty one obsolete. Whether or not we throw off the trappings of the debt machine is entirely up to us.

Two very important steps are required; the realization that debt is not the only way, and, the realization that debt is the worst way. Prosperity is not achieved at the expense of the future. The society that finally takes this fact to heart will accomplish incredible things indeed….


It is basic human nature that - if you catch someone lying about one topic - you will tend to doubt the truth of what he is saying in other areas as well.

So Americans' loss of trust in the government's political actions have also undermined their trust in the government's statements and actions in the economic field.

But there's another important reason for Americans' lack of trust in our government and our economy: the failure to prosecute the criminals.

Prosecuting the Criminals and Launching REAL Investigations Is Necessary to Restore Trust

One of the leading business schools in America - the Wharton School of Business - has written an essay on the psychological causes and solutions to the economic crisis. Wharton points out that restoring trust is the key to recovery, and that trust cannot be restored until wrongdoers are held accountable:

According to David M. Sachs, a training and supervision analyst at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, the crisis today is not one of confidence, but one of trust. "Abusive financial practices were unchecked by personal moral controls that prohibit individual criminal behavior, as in the case of [Bernard] Madoff, and by complex financial manipulations, as in the case of AIG." The public, expecting to be protected from such abuse, has suffered a trauma of loss similar to that after 9/11. "Normal expectations of what is safe and dependable were abruptly shattered," Sachs noted. "As is typical of post-traumatic states, planning for the future could not be based on old assumptions about what is safe and what is dangerous. A radical reversal of how to be gratified occurred."

People now feel more gratified saving money than spending it, Sachs suggested. They have trouble trusting promises from the government because they feel the government has let them down.

He framed his argument with a fictional patient named Betty Q. Public, a librarian with two teenage children and a husband, John, who had recently lost his job. "She felt betrayed because she and her husband had invested conservatively and were double-crossed by dishonest, greedy businessmen, and now she distrusted the government that had failed to protect them from corporate dishonesty. Not only that, but she had little trust in things turning around soon enough to enable her and her husband to accomplish their previous goals.

"By no means a sophisticated economist, she knew ... that some people had become fantastically wealthy by misusing other people's money -- hers included," Sachs said. "In short, John and Betty had done everything right and were being punished, while the dishonest people were going unpunished."

Helping an individual recover from a traumatic experience provides a useful analogy for understanding how to help the economy recover from its own traumatic experience, Sachs pointed out. The public will need to "hold the perpetrators of the economic disaster responsible and take what actions they can to prevent them from harming the economy again." In addition, the public will have to see proof that government and business leaders can behave responsibly before they will trust them again, he argued.

Note that Sachs urges "hold[ing] the perpetrators of the economic disaster responsible." In other words, just "looking forward" and promising to do things differently isn't enough.

Economists such as William Black and Nobel prize winning economists Stieglitz and Akerlrof agree.

Indeed, polls show that:

  • Americans want those who committed financial fraud to be prosecuted
Remember, distrust in the political actions of government officials undermines the economy as well. Therefore, the economy will not recover until the economic criminals are prosecuted, and there are real investigations into 9/11 (even the 9/11 Commissioners themselves think there should be more investigation: see this and this), the Iraq war, torture, spying on Americans and other government failures.
So people who criticize the government's lies, and call for the prosecutions of those who made the misstatements, are actually working towards stabilizing our economy, and making our investment decisions a little easier.

A constitutional Republic...?

Before we start tinkering with any specific law, rule, regulation, or order to see what part of it we don't like, we need to incorporate the idea that nothing passed by the Congress is valid unless it strictly meets the test of constitutionality.

This is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, and it starts with the fact that the Government has limited powers which are strictly set forth in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Congress and the Executive Branch routinely ignore these limitations, and so far very little has been done about it. This is why the U. S. is currently close to financial destruction.

The 10th Amendment not only gives the States the Right to nullify unconstitutional "laws", but the same right is given directly to the People! Why don't the People use this Power? Either because they don't know about it, or they are afraid to confront the government.

However, unless we do assert our Rights, we might as well not have them. They are doing us precious little good being written on pieces of paper that most of the People don't read, or understand. Whose fault is that? Answer, it isn't just the fault of the government, it is also our own fault....

The ACLU reports:

Three sections of the Patriot Act — the so-called 'library provision' that allows a secret court to issue orders for anything deemed relevant to an investigation; the roving wiretap provision that allows the government to get a wiretap order that doesn't specify the person or place to be tapped; and the 'lone wolf' provision, which permits intelligence wiretapping of people not connected to a terrorist group — are scheduled to expire on February 28. It's February 7.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) recently suggested that Congress doesn't have enough time to consider reforms this year. That was the excuse for last year's Patriot Act reauthorization. Members of Congress had suggested that they would use 2010 to really examine the effects of the USA Patriot Act and return to it in early 2011 ready to make much-needed changes.

And where are we now? Well, Congress is betting that while they weren't thinking about the Patriot Act in the past year, you weren't either. Late in the day on Friday, we learned that the House will vote tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 8, on a bill to extend the expiring Patriot Act provisions until December 8, 2011. They want to sneak this re-authorization through, and they're hoping that you don't notice.

Well, once again, we're asking you to tell Congress that you are watching, that you don't buy their fear-mongering or their scare tactics, and that you want real Patriot Act reform. We've put a new action alert up urging Congress not to rubber stamp the Patriot Act once again, and we urge you to take action. For almost 10 years, the Patriot Act has given the government too much leeway to pry into our private lives.
As the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others have documented (see this, this and this), the Patriot Act would not have prevented 9/11, and has led to numerous crimes by the FBI and other agencies.

Call Congress NOW and tell them to vote down renewing the Patriot Act. Word from D.C. is that the Patriot Act will be renewed unless there is strong public outcry today.

Remember, the Patriot Act was apparently written before 9/11, and the government's spying on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here and here. And see this) . These assault on the Constitution did not keep us safe.

Indeed -
the "national security" apparatus has been hijacked to serve the needs of big business and the utterly corrupt power behind the power in USA, and is not really protecting us....

Much of America's madness can be traced to utter fraud and could be prosecuted under current American law. This applies to the sub-prime mortgages, the military-industrial complex and its lobbies, Israeli breaches of American national security, and the infamous White House Murder INC, etc... I would rather see this utter fraud prosecuted than pontificate on the nature of American society.
All combining in a drifting, "lost of empire" tone that yearns for a leader to "show the way" back to greatness. Sad, and very dangerous...

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law”. Aristotle’s observation of the human condition in 440 BC is as accurate today as it was back in his day.
A simple truth widely ignored today, hence, revolution and war until the balance is reestablished. According to history, it will probable take at least 100 years of struggle and millions of American lives to reestablish Democracy, Independence and the rule of law in the United States.

The Great Treason against our American Democracy, Independence and the American people lead by the Great Traitor Bush and his fascist shadow government and perpetuated by Obama, created the world financial crisis that has resulted in the total breakdown of Democracy and the Rule of Law in bringing the criminals responsible to Justice.

Most Americans are acutely aware of this Treason and injustice and they are starting to feel the pain. Today, everyone’s future is up in the air as the criminals subject us to one managed crisis after another.

Disgustingly, American Justice is dead. Erick Holder and the DOJ, CIA and the FBI are the worst kind of Rats. Americans are not the only victims, the criminals are international and there is a move on to bring them to justice in Spain’s international court and the Hague’s international court.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs and praying, you can sign a letter from War is a Crime sent to Spain’s international court to encourage prosecution of Bush era torture criminals and extra-judicial assassinations with their ZIOCON Infamous White House Murder INC, in the Levant started since January 24th 2002 in Lebanon.... They may charge Bush, Cheney and company March 1. 2011.


In Discourse on Colonialism, Césaire implicates the Europeans for constructing the negative relationship between colonizer and colonized. He criticizes Europe for constructing these colonies only to exploit them for their own benefit. According to Césaire, by establishing these colonies and then exploiting them, the European colonial powers have created two main problems: the problem of the proletariat and the colonial problem. In describing the colonial problem that European civilization has created, he remarks that “Europe is indefensible,” contending that the actions of the colonizers cannot be misconstrued as positive. He centralizes his argument around the claim that, “no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a civilization which justifies colonization—and therefore force—is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.” [3] He labels the colonizers as barbaric for their treatment of those in the colonies. He defines the relationship as one based on “forced labor, intimidation, pressure, the police, taxation, theft, rape, compulsory crops, contempt, mistrust, arrogance, self-complacency, swinishness, brainless elites, degraded masses.” [By identifying the colonial relationship as one based on race, he draws comparisons between his home of Martinique with the colonies in Africa. By equating racism, barbarism and colonialism, he claims colonization to be a form of dehumanization; he believes this dehumanization occurs because of Europe’s racism against the Jews, the black populations in Africa, the Middle east, the Caribbean, and elsewhere....and they still are very much the same racists today....with creeping Islamophobia fomented by Israel and USA....
We have all seen the criminal bankster’s planned Austerity programs enacted in Europe and the resulting ongoing riots that will not stop. Now, it is America’s turn under the screw. The bastards sure like to torture people don’t they?
Funny, the bankster have made a mockery out of our legal system and got away with the greatest world robbery in history. America owes the banksters and their criminal brotherhood of politicians nothing... The banksters owe America’s Justice System and the American people their necks and we should insist on collecting their criminal necks and returning all the money (nullifying debt) that was criminally swindled from the people of the world and thereby ending their financial tyranny throughout the world-permanently...

The good people of Wisconsin and all the 51 States of the Union...should hold their own court (grand jury) and bring to Justice the criminal banksters and their corrupt politicians including the governor who stands with the banksters and not with the people. They all hang together and they should all hang together.

Hats off to Ray McGovern for exposing the canned propaganda press release of General Clinton....

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