Wednesday, July 21, 2010

9/11 is an inside job wall to wall, and massive PR campaigns made the utter lie possible

9/11 is an inside job wall to wall, and massive PR campaigns made the utter lie possible
Of course Wikileaks is a limited hangout....

The whole point of a limited hangout is not to stop dissent or suppress opposition but to permit it, attract it, channel it and control it.

Obviously, you need to have "scoops" that are sufficiently interesting to qualify as plausible opposition, yet represent no substantive threat.

The "legitimate press" ensure Wikileaks has sufficient mind share. So GE, National Amusements, Pearson Group, Washington Post Company, Hearst Media, McGraw-Hill, all give plenty of coverage. It's very "Br'er Rabbit and the briar patch".

The famous recent video of US soldiers doing their job, killing people, is the perfect example. It's visceral but inconsequential.

Of course, you're not going to present anything of any material importance, but rather appeal to gut emotion in precisely the way that is so carefully studied by PR leviathans like WPP. In fact, a good slice of US military budget goes to PR firms.

What you will not see, for instance, is perfectly public information on the financial aspects of 9/11: the implausible prescience of the likes of Veritas Capital and the Blackstone Group, and the various investment banks originally funding them (JPM, GS, Deutsche, CS, etc). Or the lack of any investigation into derivatives trades of the day. Or the very open planning in the Center for Strategic and International Studies, or the Project for the New American Century. Or the execution by USSTRATCOM and various military contractors, in particular Northrop and Lockheed. Not to mention the inexplicable suppression of Washington air defenses and laughable lacunae in NSA and NRO SIGINT/ELINT.

The problem with the whole 911 episode is the utter, abject, blatant lack of any reasonable doubt about who was involved from the Joint Chiefs down, and who executed the operation, and the utter, abject, blatant absence of any credibility of the official cover story.

The concentration of media made it far simpler to present and reinforce this absurd story. Murdoch, Zuckerman, Hearst, Redstone; they all know precisely what happened because they were closely involved from the outset.

Competent Intel functionaries worldwide are paid to understand reality and ignore PR: there are large amounts of money and power riding on it.

When the planes hit, probably every single one of them immediately thought, "So they finally implemented Operation Northwoods. I was wondering how they'd get their feet into Iraq."

What we are witnessing is an undeclared hot war by US/NATO forces against their greatest geostrategic competitors, Russia militarily and China economically.

The 911 lie and the infamous White House Murder INC, is the keystone that supports this whole edifice of blatant lies.

Destroy that and the rest fails catastrophically....

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