Sunday, February 7, 2010

Triple Curve graph

Federal Reserve - The London Connection

Triple Curve graphic, shown above, to demonstrate how he was able to forecast the present collapse of the globalized monetarist system, which is now reaching a critical point of instability.
LaRouche is proposing a non-monetarist credit system as the basis for a new economic system to replace the bankrupt IMF. This is the only way to avoid a world-wide economic collapse.

I see the biggest and most fundamental problem is that the "elites" in the USA (and by extension the West in general) who are supposed to "lead" have failed to exercise any responsibility at all. Except with their most important business, lining their own pockets at taxpayer expense.

I would argue that America is no longer a "free" nation, but just an advanced crony oligarchy married to corporate fascism. With a thin layer of "democracy" on top for appearance sake. It was a bloodless coup that few noticed over the last 15 years or so, and was so complete that opposing forces are all but rendered irrelevant. The public face is the Wall St mafia known as The Squidmen, you know the names.

For those who doubt this, consider Washington, who rushed to bail out their financial paymasters despite the fact the vast majority of the populace were opposed to bailing out Wall St. Voters are just sheeple, to be shorn of their money but otherwise ignored. The US requires A sound banking system to prosper, not the one you have which is only focused on looting.

The leadership class has failed as a whole, and so the nation has failed. Some might argue this is by design, but I put it down to simply greed and narrow focus on "getting mine" without regard to outcomes and history. They "won" individually, and the country lost collectively. It requires a special kind of power hunger to enrich yourself at the expense of your nations future. Maybe they envision being in charge of a nation that resembles downtown Detroit is still a win in their eyes.

With "leadership" like that it seems clear to me that the collapse has already happened. It only remains for the Potemkin village facade to fall away under the weight of history.

The point of financial 'no-return' may have already been passed - the amount of debt amassed could be insurmountable. Budgets could be cut to 0 and there still would not be enough revenue to balance the Budget and pay down the deficits.

Irresponsibility has squandered the wealth of the nation, as the future was mortgaged to support extremely bad decisions made in the past. An "empire" that requires loans from foreigners to survive is not worthy of the name.

Recognition of the true state of affairs and final collapse are the only stages left. Denial can't overcome reality forever, whatever lies the captured media class may utter.

I recall I said much the same a few years back, and nothing has changed, the cancer has spread....

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