Monday, January 25, 2010

U.S. Desperately Seeking Loans

The $700 Billion U.S. Funding Hole; Desperately Seeking A Very Indiscriminate Treasury Buyer....

"... should the Fed attempt to stimulate an endogenous flight to safety and boost demand for Coupons artificially, we believe, as we have said before, that the FRBNY [Federal Reserve Bank of New York] will certainly implement a stock market crash. The alternatives, an interest rate hike and QE [quantitative easing]. We believe that while the probability of QE 2 is increasing with every day, the likelihood of a rate raise is negligible, leaving the market crash theory as the wildcard. We will not handicap this outcome and instead let every reader decide for themselves. Nonetheless, as this week demonstrated all too well, once the market gains downward momentum, even the much expected daily offer-lifters may be mysteriously elusive. Hedge appropriately." -- Read the whole story at Zero Hedge

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