Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leon Panetta is another major cover-upper for CIA/MOSSAD shenanigans

Panetta providing cover for advisers complicit in CIA torture: investigator...

Rachel Oswald
Published: Thursday April 9, 2009

In light of the revelations in the Red Cross torture report, one private investigator is speculating that the CIA director's continuing argument that the Justice Department shouldn't release three Bush-era torture memos is seeming more and more like an attempt to provide cover to CIA advisers who were likely complicit in the formulation of agency torture policies.

Writing in the Daily Beast Wednesday, John Sifton, a private investigator and attorney, says Leon Panetta is giving cover to two of his subordinates by pleading with the Obama administration to not release three torture memos by a former Office of Legal Counsel attorney that the American Civil Liberties Union has sued to gain access to.

"Take Stephen Kappes," writes Sifton. "At the time of the worst torture sessions outlined in the ICRC report, Kappes served as a senior official in the Directorate of Operations—the operational part of the CIA that oversees paramilitary operations as well as the high-value detention program. (The directorate of operations is now known as the National Clandestine Service.) Panetta has kept Kappes as deputy director of the CIA—the number two official in the agency."

Michael Sulick, a deputy of Kappes from 2002-2004, is now the director of the agency's National Clandestine Service, another very senior position at the CIA.

"Since the basic facts about their involvement in the CIA interrogation program are now known, Panetta’s actions are increasingly looking like a cover-up," asserts Sifton...


Mine! By the right of the white election!
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Bars cannot conceal!

Mine! Here in vision and in veto!
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Titled, confirmed - delirious charter!
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Emily Dickinson (1862)

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